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The Dandelion by Michelle Leighton

I believe I’ve read almost everything Michelle Leighton has written, and her latest release, The Dandelion, is one more. Only this one she’s releasing under her full name.

The cover is gorgeous. Dandelions are fascinating and cute, and they represent childhood to me.


I think for half the book my heart was aching. The other half it was aching and I was crying my eyes out. Continue reading “The Dandelion by Michelle Leighton”

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Reclaim by Christina Lee

Untitled design

I’m so sad this little series is over. But Christina Lee made sure to end it just right. Perfectly, actually. Also, since all 3 books looks so g’damn good side by side, I stole the above image from Christina’s Facebook page.


Reclaim is the perfect best friends turned lovers. When Kam, owner of the cycling shop in town and Elijah’s best friend has a run-in with a stray cat, he has a couple of months’ recovery time at home, where he’s almost 100% dependent on someone to be there for him for the most mundane tasks. Continue reading “Reclaim by Christina Lee”

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Ever After by Christina Lee & Riley Hart

Ever After RDB Banner

RELEASE DATE: 02.28.18


So I’m hopelessly in love with this story.

I’m going to say nothing about the plot. It’s somewhat expected just from reading the synopsis. But that doesn’t mean I was expecting anything like what I’ve read. Continue reading “Ever After by Christina Lee & Riley Hart”

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The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave by Deborah Wilde

Wowowowowoweeeeee Navela is back. Well, Rohan’s back, too. So yay, they’re back together.

I love that even though this is an adult (or NA?) series, Wilde still maintains her witty writing, strewn with humor and fun, and yet her words manages to carry through the various emotions.


So, now that Rohan and Nava are back together, and kissing (wtg, Navela), things seem to be flowing wonderfully. They settle into being together and seem to have a lot of fun. They hunt together, and as things unfold and information is revealed, the dynamics between them changes, as well. Continue reading “The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave by Deborah Wilde”