Claiming His Desire by Ellis Leigh

There are few really good shifters books out there, even fewer series and only one Ellis Leigh.

Add to that Jameson, and I’m a goner. Seriously, how can one author write her men better and more attractive with each progressing book? It’s just not fair.

I can’t believe this is the last installment (full-length) in the series. I fell in love with this series with the first word I read, and quite possibly even before as I’ve read Ellis’s words years ago. This is one talented chick.Read More »

The Lost by Cole McCade

The Lost by Cole McCade
Date of Publication: August 25, 2015

She’s known it her whole life. She knows it every time she spreads her legs. Every time she begs for the pain, the pleasure, the heat of a hard man driving deep inside. She’s a slave to her own twisted lusts–and it’s eating her alive. She loves it. She craves it. Sex is her drug, and she’s always chasing her next fix. But nothing can satisfy her addiction, not even the nameless men she uses and tosses aside. No one’s ever given her what she truly needs.Until Gabriel Hart.Cold. Controlled. Impenetrable. Ex-Marine Gabriel Hart isn’t the kind of man to come running when Leigh crooks her pretty little finger. She loathes him. She hungers for him. He’s the only one who understands how broken she is, and just what it takes to satisfy the emptiness inside. But Gabriel won’t settle for just one night. He wants to claim her, keep her, make her forever his. Together they are the lost, the ruined, the darkness at the heart of Crow City.But Leigh has a darkness of her own. A predator stalking through her past–one she’ll do anything to escape.Even if it means running from the one man who could love her…and leaving behind something more precious to her than life itself.

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Anything but Broken by Joelle Knox

Sooooo…. Kit Rocha, a.k.a. Moira Rogers, a.k.a. the awesome duo Donna and Bree, they have a new penname – Joelle Knox, under which they write NA. I’m down with that. Let’s move on to why you’re reading this post. Which is what I think about ABB.

Below the fold (just click READ MORE) you’ll get a longer excerpt, but I can’t help but tease a little:

“Everything has to come together. It’s skill, but it’s also luck. If you’re good enough, you can beat better cars. And if you suck, the best car in the world can’t win you checkered flags. Sometimes you have both, but something happens to fuck it all up—a guy spinning out on the back stretch right in front of you, or a caution that blows your giant lead on second place. When you have all three, though, it’s magical.” — Sean, Anything but Broken

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Sustained by Emma Chase

I love Emma Chase. She write fun and funny. Her stories just flow off of the page and right into that place that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. And on this note, here’s my review:

I LOVED this book. A lot more than I did the first in the Legal Briefs seris, and I said I loved that one, too.

Sustained is all about Jake Becker, Stanton’s roommate in Overruled. Jake is a wild one. He’s into banging anything with a rack and long legs, and he’s taking no prisoners as long as no children are involved. We know Presley (Stanton’s girl) is the only kid in his life. Until a one of his one nighters arrives with a surprise.Read More »