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Ride Dirty by Laura Kaye

From New York Times Bestselling author Laura Kaye, comes RIDE DIRTY, a new novella in her Raven Riders Series, brought to you by 1,001 Dark Nights! Be sure to grab your copy today!

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Retaliate by Kristin Harte

Sighhhhh….. I was wondering what Bishop’s thing was, and now I know. Damn…


I wasn’t sure whether book 2 will keep on with Shye and Alder’s story, but I guess now that they have their HEA, Kristin decided it’s time to move on to the other Kennard boys. And Bishop is a very good Kennard boy, lemme tell ya. Continue reading “Retaliate by Kristin Harte”

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Announcement: McKenzie Ridge Series by Stephanie St. Klaire

Today we are sharing a special announcement from Stephanie St. Klaire about her McKenzie Ridge series. Plus, each book in the series is on sale! The first book, Rescued, is .99 cents or FREE when you sign up for Stephanie’s newsletter, Hidden is FREE, and the rest of the series is just $1.99 each! Grab them while you can! All buy links, brand new covers for the series, and a note from Stephanie, can be found below.

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On the Brink of Passion by Tamsen Parker

Mixed feelings, guys. This one is the last in the SIG Series and I’m both so happy I got to read it and sad it’s over. A little like the Olympic Games that are ending very soon.

But guys… Beckett and Jubilee? The cutest. Well, Beck is. Jubilee is misunderstood. Aren’t we all, ladies? 😉


Out of the previous four (and the second book that literally spoke of the release the athletes allow themselves in these events) On the Brink of Passion is the book that made me think the most about that issue – the stress the athletes face on a daily basis for years and years. This self-inflicted tension and discipline, the sacrifices and the need to finally take something for themselves. Continue reading “On the Brink of Passion by Tamsen Parker”