Shattered Pack by Aileen Erin

I really like this series. It’s one of the very few YA I’m still keeping up with and it really is a good fantasy story. There’s something about late stages of adolescent that are mixed with learning to harness and control your powers as a shapeshifter/werewolf that makes it, not boring to read.


It took me a second to remember Meredith was the one that was cursed by Luciana and couldn’t shift to a wolf, and Donovan of course is one of the Seven. And this book is theirs.

Apparently being one of the Seven and also an alpha of one of the largest packs, the Irish pack, is a handful. And finding one’s true mate to top it all, is just the icing on a delicious, yet busy, cake. Which is why, after years of being left to their own device, Donovan’s pack is unraveling. The pack bonds are going from bad to worse, and knowingly ignoring the situation, Donovan has made things worse.Read More »

His Custody by Tamsen Parker

OMG OMG OMG I finished this last night and I can’t wait for get all my thoughts out. This story… it’s got a real chance in winning me over for best Tamsen Parker, over Craving Flight.


I must admit, I wasn’t sure what the time span this book would have. I mean, His Custody, a BDSM romance novel, kind of brings the LEGAL alert all blaring with lit marquee and stuff. But I’ve met Tamsen. I should’ve known she’ll do right by those characters.

But not before she wreaks havoc on their lives. Like, to the nth degree! Read More »

Madly by Ruthie Knox

Ruthie Knox is back BIG TIME!!!

I’ve been waiting forever for this book, any of her writing, actually, but this book especially. I didn’t even know what it’ll be about (only that it deals with Allie Fredericks) but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. And then Ruthie gave us the best surprise and launched it as a double sequel. Double. Sequel.


What does that mean? Neville Chemberlain (About Last Night – a must read!!) has this brother that was trying to sabotage his relationship, remember? Well… said brother, Winston Chemberlain is our hero in Madly.Read More »

Between the Secrets by S. Ferguson


This is very different from anything I’ve read, just because of the setting of the story. The world of crime, the dynamics, it’s all very new. I liked it.

This the 2nd book in a series. It’s a shame that fact isn’t mentioned anywhere (that I could tell), including Goodreads, so just know you’re starting an independent story within a series. I didn’t like the fact there were references to the previous story which was a dark hole of information for me. But that’s just me.

Thanks Social Butterfly PR for the ARC in exchange for my honest review

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