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The Mitus Touch by Stoni Alexander

I didn’t expect this. At. All.

I’d like to thank Johnny and Stoni for the copy of this book and for introducing me to The Touch Series. Here’s what I thought.


We’re introduced at first to Brigit Farnay, a wealth manager in a successful firm. She’s just been sexually harassed and is storming into her boss’s office, only to be told he wants her to give up her entire clientele only to take on one very high profile client.  Continue reading “The Mitus Touch by Stoni Alexander”

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Release Day Blitz: THE LOVING TOUCH by Stoni Zlexander

It’s Release Day!


Book Three of The Touch Series

by Stoni Alexander


Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Taylor Hathaway—Mitus Conglomerate’s sweet, timid event planner—has always played it safe. But when forced into the spotlight at a DC fundraiser and auctioned off to a gorgeous stranger from out of town, she makes a bold choice. No strings. No regrets. And very little sleep…

Hospitality Magnate Jagger Loving—sexy, bad boy of Loving Resorts—offers everything from exotic to erotic at his luxurious, couples-only properties. Days before the launch of his first US-based hotel, a sudden setback throws his world into chaos and the grand opening promises to be a colossal flop. In walks his short-term fix…the strikingly beautiful Taylor Hathaway. But he knows her as Raven. And that’s not all he remembers about her.

Thrust together, they can’t deny their powerful attraction. While Jagger is forced to confront past sins to save his empire, Taylor must conquer a lifetime of insecurities to ensure he succeeds. Everything hinges on trust…and the obstacles each must overcome to prove their love is eternal. Continue reading “Release Day Blitz: THE LOVING TOUCH by Stoni Zlexander”

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Fire on the Ice by Tamsen Parker

I had issues. Ok, they’re not major issues, but I had issues. Let’s discuss in the review, okay?

I’ll just say I’m super-duper waiting for book 5 and looking forward to get a magnificent closure for this series.


Going to keep this rather short. For several reasons, but the main one is that they story is very simple in a complexity aspect. Continue reading “Fire on the Ice by Tamsen Parker”

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On the Edge of Scandal by Tamsen Parker

I think this one is my favorite, so far. Granted, it’s only book 3 of 5, but I’m confident.

Get ready to fall in love with Ash at least as much as I have.


Bronwyn is one hell of a hockey player in the USA women’s team to the Snow and Ice Games in Denver. Her boyfriend of a gazillion years, Brody, is accompanying her, even though he didn’t make the men’s team to the games. Bronwyn isn’t stupid, she loves Brody in her own way, a comfortable way that is more a force of habit than anything. She knows he’s not good for her, and recognizes she’s only using him as a warm body.  Continue reading “On the Edge of Scandal by Tamsen Parker”