The Goal by Elle Kennedy

When he kisses me, it’s not anything like our previous encounters. Those were rough, hot, and sexually charged. This kiss is petal-soft and sweet as the syrup he ladles onto his words. It feels like he’s pouring tenderness over my head by the gallon. With each press of his hips against mine, he’s repeating his promise to give me nothing more than what I ask for.

And it’s this kiss. This sweet, tender, thoughtful kiss that scares me more than anything I’ve ever felt.

I love this series. Love love love love it!!!

And not because of this quote, but because of everything leading up to it and everything that goes on after it. Read More »

Cutlass by Ellis Leigh

I’m one of the lucky few to have received the Cutlass advance copy for review. That’s Ellis Leigh’s foray into the world of aliens.

And what a sexy foray it is❤


The world this novella takes place in is planet earth. Actually, it’s one of several planets that are involved in the story, most of which I can’t remember the names of.

Imagine a world where finding your soulmate is practically impossible that your last option is a matching agency. Only you aren’t aware your match is not of planet earth, but some other celestial body that is no more.Read More »

Anywhere You Are by Elisabeth Barrett

So you guys, I enjoyed the first 2 books that when the opportunity to read book 3 presented itself – I jumped at the chance to enjoy it. And enjoy it, I did.


This one happens right around the time where Jane and Press are dating, at the point where almost no one knew. And if you remember correctly, the girls (Caroline, Jane and Grace) went on a hike when Grace sprained her ankle and was rescued by a handsome man?

So this man is none other than Marcus Colby, the suit that is one third to Jake and Press’ two thirds. The trio is best of friends but the guy knows how to keep a secret. Or so he thinks.Read More »

Levi’s Blue by M. Leighton

Sigh… every now and then the romance novel you read is just different. In a mostly good way.

I really love most of what Michelle Leighton writes. She has a very unique way of carrying emotions through to the reader. It’s simple but somehow shoots straight to the heart.


I’m various shades of in love with the premise of this book. And I admit, I was suspicious of the MC at some point and then thought I was wrong, and all the little twists in the plot were a good way in keeping me engaged.

The story begins in a tragedy, but we’re not told about it right off the start. The biggest question is – is there hope something amazing will grow from it?Read More »