Dare Me by Courtney cole

Courtney Cole’s Nocte trilogy had me in a trance throughout the many months the books were released. It’s dark and fabulous and a complete mindfuck. I loved it.

And now she released a Dare pov novella, an addition to the trilogy. And it’s just what any Nocte lover needs.Read More »

Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

In this conclusion of the trilogy we finally get the very twisted version of these kids’ happily ever after.

I have read Paper Princess and Paper Prince. Now – here’s my thoughts on Twisted Palace.

Here we go…


Just finished this a day ago and I can safely say, it’s a good (albeit anticlimactic) conclusion to the series.Read More »

Her Naughty Holiday by Tiffany Reisz

After book one Her Halloween Treat, I got Reisz‘s contemporary style. And I love it. And when I sat down to read Her Naughty Holiday, I found myself immersed in this romance a lot more.

“Yes, I want to touch you very much. Can I, please?”
“That’s the politest way any woman has ever asked to rub my cock in my life. Your manners are impeccable, Ms. Greene.”
“My parents raised a lady.”
“Does that mean you’ll stick your pinky out while you’re stroking me off?”

And this kind of banter is strewn throughout pretty much each and every dialogue in the book. I found myself giggling at 3:30am, 4:20am and through the very end of the book.

giggleRead More »

A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology Review

Donna Cummings was caffeinated enough to send me a copy of this anthology. Granted, it’s still a little ways from the holidays (especially when I read it at the end of August, but heck… swoony Christmas-y cheer is never a bad thing.

So this compilation has six short stories by some cool authors, and that’s what I like about these compilations. You get to “meet” new authors.

I reviewed each story in a little paragraph, So here we go…Read More »