Sinful Temptation by London Hale

Sigh… a pastor and a sex-shop owner. Match made in ironic heaven, right?


I’m actually not, and neither did Harper, our heroine 😉


Harper, the owner of Sin (Temperance Falls’s sex shop) has been playfully bantering with Noah, the young and handsome pastor at the church across the street.

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She Wants it All by Jessica Calla

I can’t even remember how I ended up reading the the first Sheridan Hall novel, but I do remember enjoying it and requesting the second installment. Which I loved. So naturally, book 3 had to follow.


This one was both adorable and captivating. Remembering how Meg promised Second Floor Dave a date with Maggie in exchange for a ride, Dave’s about to collect. However, Dave, rumored to be a huge player, turns mute – stuttering at best – around Maggie whenever he gets a chance to speak to her.Read More »

SOMEHOW, SOME WAY by Jennifer Probst

Probst SHSW now available

I always enjoy Jennifer Probst’s books. She somehow manages a great balance of real and story book perfect.

Somehow, Some Way, a novella part of the Billionaire Builders series, that’s showing beautifully how expectations can blow right out the window when the right person comes along.


Brady and Charlie hating each other (supposedly) at the beginning makes them ending up working side by side on flipping Charlie’s house all the more hilarious as their banter leads them to like each other more and more with every passing day.Read More »

The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris

I haven’t read a Rachel Harris book in a while and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. But when I received the chance for an ARC of The Nanny Arrangement, I jumped at it. And I was not disappointed.


It’s incredible how even with adult contemporary romance, you don’t really need the explicit love scenes to be touched to your very core by a love story.Read More »