Sinful Distraction by London Hale

I know I’ve said it about the previous book, but this one takes the bank. It’s my favorite so far. And this is why…


Ok, so take a young man, who’s life has always been unsure. He’s left his home town to try and find himself, his place in life. He’s always been close to his family, and now in his 20’s and in need of cash, whores himself out. Fine, whores himself is too blunt. He takes on a phone sex line and pleasures women. Or men.Read More »

All or Nothing at All by Jennifer Probst


“Probst’s final book in her Billionaire Builders Series is a gut-wrenching, intensely emotional, second-chance romance. The fast-paced dialogue vividly details every emotive scene…The stars and little girl costar are unforgettable, and the series tie-up is exceptional.”
RT Book Reviews, 4 star review


I absolutely love this series. I do… I think I liked everything of Probst that I’ve read. So, that in mind, here’s what I thought of All or Nothing At All.


Tristan and Sydney were always an enigma. They kept circling around each other, being very distant and cold, almost like something bad happened between them and they’re not sure how to bridge that issue. Or even if they want to.Read More »

Hello Forever by Sarina Bowen

I was sure the entire series would deal with Paradise “drop-outs” but it’s not. This time we’re getting two whole new characters. Caleb and Josh’s tenant in their new house.

I love how Sarina Bowen builds her characters. Always so complex and inspiring.


Axel and Cax have known each other since they were eight years old, during diocese activities. They also both knew they were gay, and both enjoyed each other’s company . But when each discovered the truth about the other and act on it, their lives as they known it are over. Well, as over as they can be for 16 year olds.Read More »

Her Surprise Engagement by Ashlee Mallory

I’ve read the first book in the Sorensen Family series and love it. I didn’t actually realize Her Surprise Engagement is part of the series, but now that I do, I’m definitely going back to reading books 2&3.


Daisy Sorensen has been having a tough couple of years since her husband left her for a younger version. His debts and life’s hardship fell all on her, along with being a single mom to their three children. So when she’s finally starting to stabilize her life, still far from having all she’s ever wanted (be a business owner, particularly, a bakery owner) she learns her no good ex has gone back on his promise to the kids to take them to Disneyland. Not one to disappoint her children, she gets an offer from her sister in law to enjoy the family’s lake house.Read More »