Sinful Attraction by London Hale

I think this one is my favorite of the Temperance Falls stories.



Connor and Lola are perfect for each other. Connor with his kind heart (and his obvious insane attraction to Lola) and Lola – a sweet young woman following her heart, and realizing quitting her current profession is the right thing to do in order to achieve what she deserves.Read More »

Regret by Christina Lee

Regret RDB BannerSometimes there are authors you can’t help but read. And Christina Lee is one of them. I have always loved her storytelling and every time my addiction is reaffirmed. Regret is one of those stories you know will stay with you, and it has. It’s a beautiful take on tragedy and healing.



I wonder how many of us experience something so profoundly and it leaves such a lasting (sometimes negative) impression on their lives that they truly regret their role in it. Read More »

His Custody by Tamsen Parker

OMG OMG OMG I finished this last night and I can’t wait for get all my thoughts out. This story… it’s got a real chance in winning me over for best Tamsen Parker, over Craving Flight.


I must admit, I wasn’t sure what the time span this book would have. I mean, His Custody, a BDSM romance novel, kind of brings the LEGAL alert all blaring with lit marquee and stuff. But I’ve met Tamsen. I should’ve known she’ll do right by those characters.

But not before she wreaks havoc on their lives. Like, to the nth degree! Read More »

Luck Be a Lady by Audra North

There’s something about the Irish patriotism that speaks to me. Luck Be a Lady is the sweetest story, semi-second chance romance (the first chance was when they were 15, so… you know…) and yes, in a way, it’s your typical he thought/she thought – but different.

Aoife (because I’m reading like an insane person I’ve read this name before, so I know it’s pronounced EE-va (silent a at the end) and Michael grew up together, until one day Aoife vanished from his life never to be heard from again. 15 years later Michael is still missing her and can’t understand what happened for her to not return his calls and then move away to the US.

Read More »