The Faintest Spark by Christina Lee

In my wildest dreams I didn’t dare to hope there’d be a Malachi book. BUT THERE IS!!!

Granted, it’s a novella, but so so so good, and not too long/too short.

**Thanks, Christina, for this copy in exchange for my honest review. Here it goes…


Malachi and Sawyer got close when the whole thing with Jake went down. Mal comforted him when his time at the Asylum got intense, when things got too much and Sawyer needed a friendly, somewhat brotherly/fatherly distraction. This was a while ago, though.Read More »

Taming Sugar by Rebecca Grace Allen

If you want a sexy, frustrating, quite obnoxious (but hey, she’s got issues) heroine – Taming Sugar is just for you.

This 40 minute read is absolutely delightful.


Roxy Cavanaugh is a rich, some would say spoiled and entitled, actress. She’s also kind of a bitch to everyone around her. Her agent and best friend sends her on a “calm the fuck down” retreat in upstate NY. He also gives her a few tasks to complete, as part of her forced unwinding process.Read More »

The Scent of Winter by Tiffany Reisz

In one word… parfait!!

I’m going to dive right into this one. Tiffany Reisz has been releasing candied treats for what seems like ever. every holiday season there’s one, and whenever the mood strikes, we get a bedtime story. Most are OS related. And I couldn’t be happier.

The Scent of Winter is a stunningly written novella giving us Kingsley and Søren on the even of Søren’s 51st birthday. And it’s an absolute delight. Søren and King have always had a special bond, and their passionate love for each other goes beyond, way beyond the kink they share. Read More »

Dashing through the Snow: A Sexy, Snowy Christmas Tale by M. Leighton

Following Leighton’s Cash and Nash, she’s giving us Dash. Which isn’t his real name, but… you know… who cares.

Thanks, Michelle, for the copy of this hotness.


Dash Grainger is a thrill seeking snowboarding hottie. He’s wealthy, successful and so darn hot, it’s ridiculous. And he’s about to be interviewed by Dylin Hart for an online magazine. Dylin’s boss (and ex-boyfriend) sent her on this assignment a minute before Christmas. And just before handing her her assignment, they have a moment.

On her way to the remote, chalet, Dylin ignores a cab driver warning there’s a snow storm coming, and finds herself “stuck” in the luxurious cabin with a stunning, mouthwatering specimen of a man.Read More »