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Justify by Kristin Harte

At the time I’ve reviewed this, there wasn’t even a cover for this book. But I could definitely picture it in my mind, reading¬†Justify. In fact, I was picturing this guy…

Now… let’s review this puppy, shall we? Continue reading “Justify by Kristin Harte”

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Fire on the Ice by Tamsen Parker

I had issues. Ok, they’re not major issues, but I had issues. Let’s discuss in the review, okay?

I’ll just say I’m super-duper waiting for book 5 and looking forward to get a magnificent closure for this series.


Going to keep this rather short. For several reasons, but the main one is that they story is very simple in a complexity aspect. Continue reading “Fire on the Ice by Tamsen Parker”

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On the Edge of Scandal by Tamsen Parker

I think this one is my favorite, so far. Granted, it’s only book 3 of 5, but I’m confident.

Get ready to fall in love with Ash at least as much as I have.


Bronwyn is one hell of a hockey player in the USA women’s team to the Snow and Ice Games in Denver. Her boyfriend of a gazillion years, Brody, is accompanying her, even though he didn’t make the men’s team to the games. Bronwyn isn’t stupid, she loves Brody in her own way, a comfortable way that is more a force of habit than anything. She knows he’s not good for her, and recognizes she’s only using him as a warm body.¬† Continue reading “On the Edge of Scandal by Tamsen Parker”

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The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz

Oh my, where do I start with this one?

When it’s an Original Sinners story, I know what I’m up against with Tiffany. But when it’s anything else… all cards are on the table. I’m always half scared, half anxious starting those.

The Lucky Ones is a ridiculously good story. Original, unique trope. The plot is the least expected thing ever, and the writing is, as always, superb. And let’s not forget the mindfuck. It’s there big time. Continue reading “The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz”