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Seducing His Student by London Hale

There’s smut and there’s smut. And then there’s London Hale smut.

Now, normally, I love all smut. But LH smut I love in particular. Why? Because it’s smart. It’s not smut for the sake of smut. There’s semblance of a plot, there’s a story there.

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​ Reunion by London Hale

We’re going back to Temperance Falls, but from a whooooole different angle.


It’s reunion time, but for Luke it’s a chance to see Hannah again. Hannah, who he’s been in love with for more than a decade. The same Hannah that was stolen from right under his nose, by his ungrateful, quite disgusting (if I do say so myself) step brother. Continue reading “​ Reunion by London Hale”

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Cover Reveal: THEIRS TO TAKE by Laura Kaye

Decadent… Sensual… Forbidden…

 12 Masters. 12 Desires. 12 Fantasies Come to Life.
Meet the Masters of Blasphemy…

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Rogue Desire Anthology

The special thing about this anthology is that all of the stories are themed around Resistance. What type of resistance? That varies, but they are all valid. Some hit the nail right on the head, and some we wish could happen IRL.

I enjoyed this collection of stories, both for the value of the tales and for the romance. Gotta love a good romance, right? Continue reading “Rogue Desire Anthology”