Rogue Desire Anthology

The special thing about this anthology is that all of the stories are themed around Resistance. What type of resistance? That varies, but they are all valid. Some hit the nail right on the head, and some we wish could happen IRL.

I enjoyed this collection of stories, both for the value of the tales and for the romance. Gotta love a good romance, right?Read More »

Sinful Attraction by London Hale

I think this one is my favorite of the Temperance Falls stories.



Connor and Lola are perfect for each other. Connor with his kind heart (and his obvious insane attraction to Lola) and Lola – a sweet young woman following her heart, and realizing quitting her current profession is the right thing to do in order to achieve what she deserves.Read More »

The Red by Tiffany Reisz

I’m was very conflicted about this book. It’s a mindfuck, that’s a given, as per Reisz’s unique style, but it’s more. It’s fantastical in a subtle way, it’s kinky in a very not subtle way, it’s blunt and explicit and extremely well written.


Mona’s art gallery, The Red, which she inherited from her mother and promised to do “everything in her power” to save and keep, is going under. Fast. But then a mysterious, handsome stranger shows up after closing and makes her an offer she can’t (I mean, I guess she can) refuse. A night of kinky passion once a month or so for a year, and he’ll make sure the gallery is saved.Read More »

Sinful Temptation by London Hale

Sigh… a pastor and a sex-shop owner. Match made in ironic heaven, right?


I’m actually not, and neither did Harper, our heroine 😉


Harper, the owner of Sin (Temperance Falls’s sex shop) has been playfully bantering with Noah, the young and handsome pastor at the church across the street.

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