The DILF by London Hale

The filth in Daddy’s Best Friend has nothing on The DILF. Yup. I’ve said it. The filth has gotten filthier!


(sorry, I had to post this once I found it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)


Genesis, covering up for Evie during her graduation party, ended up bringing her closer to Brandon, Evie’s dad. And hottie DILF, as it turns out. Now that Gen is dealing with her mom’s healthy situation after having been in a car crash, Brandon finds himself by her side and unable to leave her.Read More »

His Custody by Tamsen Parker

OMG OMG OMG I finished this last night and I can’t wait for get all my thoughts out. This story… it’s got a real chance in winning me over for best Tamsen Parker, over Craving Flight.


I must admit, I wasn’t sure what the time span this book would have. I mean, His Custody, a BDSM romance novel, kind of brings the LEGAL alert all blaring with lit marquee and stuff. But I’ve met Tamsen. I should’ve known she’ll do right by those characters.

But not before she wreaks havoc on their lives. Like, to the nth degree! Read More »

Beyond Surrender by Kit Rocha


I can’t believe I’m writing this review. This is book 9 in the Beyond series, and it’s semi-breaking my heart to be typing.

The war is here and it’s crunch time!! This map might help you visualize some of the scenes.


Read More »

I, Porn Star by Zara Cox

This book is going to be discussed next month in one of my reading groups and I’m not sure why but I felt like I need to read it even before December rolled.

And I cannot bring myself to regret doing that. Read More »