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Bedding the Billionaire by London Hale

I seriously think Temperance Falls is the best place on earth. LOL


Behind every strong and successful man there’s a hell of a strong woman. Bedding the Billionaire is following that same notion.

Colin Huntley managed to rise up to being a billionaire by 34, and his latest venture is affordable housing in Temperance Falls. He’s also handsome, a sort of a playboy and very determined. His project manager for that project is Sloane McLaren; a fiery ball buster that gets shit done. She’s also a a very attractive woman, who knows how to work her charm. Continue reading “Bedding the Billionaire by London Hale”

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Michael’s Wings by Tiffany Reisz

Sigh…. there’s so much to say about this one. But the only thing I will is this:

I. LOVED. IT. the mostest of my recent reads.

And it was so freaking short!!! Ok, but there are tons of shorts in it.


This book is compiled of one center story, Michael’s Wings, and then a bajillion shorty short stories, all revolving around Michael’s life and relationship with Griffin. Continue reading “Michael’s Wings by Tiffany Reisz”

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Tapping That Asset by London Hale


It’s officially #ONTAP!
Tapping That Asset by London Hale is HERE!

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It’s #FREE for KU subscribers!

TTA_BLITZ_1 Continue reading “Tapping That Asset by London Hale”

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Beyond Forever by Kit Rocha

Dallas and Lex were always a given. I personally never questioned their compatibility; they were a fact of Sector Four. Wasn’t I a fool?

As it turns out, there’s a whole story behind these two.


This almost novel length novella starts with a current day scene where Dallas is facing an item in his office, an item that brings back memories. A specific one, that opens the story of the past. Continue reading “Beyond Forever by Kit Rocha”