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Remember ladies, the boy next door is the one to choose. Not the bad boy, not the type A personality, not the ‘happy-go-lucky’ guy. Find yourself a Kane.

Kane Wilder has had his one night stand in Vegas months ago, but channeling Austin, his player of a younger brother, for a night, was all it took to make an impression. He can’t forget the woman he shared that night with. But he also doesn’t have a way of contacting her again. Remember when Buck (his brother’s dog) ate her business card? Yup!

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blacklisted by Jay Crownover
released October 2020

What a nice conclusion to this series. The running storyline of all the weird s#$t happening in Loveless finally comes to a head.

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So True by Serena Bell

What a sweet, sweet story.

I love it when strong characters find it in themselves to open up and be vulnerable. I find that Chiara is like that.

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Man Cuffed by Sarina Bowen

This. Was. Awesome!
Meg is a struggling actress and waiters until she gets her big break (no surprises there).
Mac is a hot, sexy cop. He’s got his steady hookup, a no-strings thing, and is content. Mostly.

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