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Seducing His Student by London Hale

There’s smut and there’s smut. And then there’s London Hale smut.

Now, normally, I love all smut. But LH smut I love in particular. Why? Because it’s smart. It’s not smut for the sake of smut. There’s semblance of a plot, there’s a story there.

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Completely by Ruthie Knox

I’m a little saddened this trilogy is ending, but I love that I got to read it. I adore anything that Ruthie writes, and this one was no exception.


Rosemary Chamberlain, Winston’s (Madly‘s hero) ex-wife and mother of his daughter, is living her dream, climbing mountains and conquering peaks. However, when an avalanche is threatening her first conquest, Everest, she’s helped off the mountain by Kalden Beckett, a Sherpa and Ice Doctor (all terms I wasn’t familiar with prior to reading this story, thanks Ruthie). Continue reading “Completely by Ruthie Knox”

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Living Out Loud by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn

Some collabs just work. This one is extra special as it crosses two series.

No point for this image… they were just cute, okay? #don’tjudgeme


Ben and Xavier were childhood best friends. Ben’s father, the pastor in their community, devout to the extreme and generally a homophobe will do everything in his power to “cure” his son. As a result, Ben has gone through some challenges when dealing with his sexuality and his family’s acceptance, his community’s harsh judgement and life in general, and of course, that’s what has influenced his relationship with Ezra. Continue reading “Living Out Loud by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn”

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Deacon by Kit Rocha

I wasn’t sure it was possible, but I loved Deacon and Ana’s story a lot more than I did Ashwin’s.

Thanks, Kit Rocha, for providing the advanced copy to read and enjoy. xoxo


Oh how I loved this one. Ok, let me tell you why.

Giden’s Riders are famously known throughout the sectors (and beyond) as incredible fighters, as amazingly devoted and loyal group of soldiers. The Riders put their lives on the line every day, willingly, welcomingly, knowing their sacrifice ensures the safety of their sector. Continue reading “Deacon by Kit Rocha”