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Love Me By Christmas by Jaci Burton

Oh, how I love me some holiday stories. Especially when they involve a bit of angst with a lot of swoon.


Ellie loved her husband so much, his tragic death nearly crushed her, the only balm to her soul, her unborn child. That’s when Nick, her brother in law, stepped up and took care of her and her son. They have both been living with him and grew to be a tight knit family of sorts. Continue reading “Love Me By Christmas by Jaci Burton”

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Rogue Affair Anthology – Part I

This one is part two of the Rogue series. The first part was so great and motivating, and even gave a little hope for the future (and we all need that), I couldn’t resist part II.

I found that I can’t read so much resistance short stories all at once as they tend to blur, so I’m doing a 2 part review on this one. Woot me for being resourceful 😉 Continue reading “Rogue Affair Anthology – Part I”

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Michael’s Wings by Tiffany Reisz

Sigh…. there’s so much to say about this one. But the only thing I will is this:

I. LOVED. IT. the mostest of my recent reads.

And it was so freaking short!!! Ok, but there are tons of shorts in it.


This book is compiled of one center story, Michael’s Wings, and then a bajillion shorty short stories, all revolving around Michael’s life and relationship with Griffin. Continue reading “Michael’s Wings by Tiffany Reisz”

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Reawaken by Christina Lee

Reawaken RDB Banner

RELEASE DATE: 11.02.17

Scroll to the end… there’s a giveaway 😉 Continue reading “Reawaken by Christina Lee”