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The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Need by Deborah Wilde

This series is one of the most fun to read. All because of Deb’s writing style, her fast wit and – let’s face it – her overdeveloped imagination. I’ll read anything she’ll write, even if it’s not my favorite genre.


This book is packed with things happening in all different directions of Nava’s life.

In Sting, Nava got her brother Ari inducted to the Brotherhood, so now she’s baffled with his behavior. She can’t understand him being so competitive with her, so unappreciative.

Especially when Rabbi Mendlebaum shows up out of nowhere (Well, the HQ in Jerusalem) and tasks Ari with his first assignment. Nava, of course, interprets this assignment as both Ari’s and hers, and demands they work as a team. As equals… well… yeah.

The task if figuring out seven deaths in a span of two weeks, all unexplained heart-attacks in young people.

All through that, following leads and coming up with theories and testing them out, there’s also Rohan Mitra. The elusive Rohan is back after a month of no contact, and Nava, determined to give him up and go on without him, tries to ignore him, but as always with those two – this proves more of a challenge than she’d have thought.

Ari being difficult and somewhat uncooperative, Rohan takes his place as Nava’s partner and follows up on clues with her. This of course, brings them closer again.

Apparently heart-attack inducing demons are more elusive and sophisticated. More so than Ari and Nava think.

Another plot-line woven into the story is Nava’s mission to prove the Brotherhood aren’t as innocent as everyone thinks them to be, and her determination is finding a magical evidence in the form of the tampered spine of the Gogota demon that attacked both her and Dr. Gelman back in Prague.

Imagine all of that happening, a weird lovers quarrel and demons all over the place, with some well placed puns, some sexy scenes and a lot of helluva good writing.

That’s Deborah Wilde for you.

I think it’s obvious what my rating will be, yes?

5 Stars


PS – Deb… I need book 4 ASAP. Kthanxbai





Less Hopelessly Devoted, more Worse Things I Could Do.

Nava is hot on the heels of a demonic serial killer and finally working with her brother. The assignment should be a dream come true, not a nightmarish power struggle made worse by her twin’s refusal to believe there’s corruption within the Brotherhood. Nava is determined to find proof of their dirty dealings, even as she risks irrefutably breaking her sibling bond.

Speaking of clocking annoying males upside the head… Nava is also totally over smoking hot rock star and fellow hunter Rohan Mitra. There is a veritable buffet of boy options out there, and this girl is now all-you-can-eat. So when her demon hunt brings her first love, Cole, back into her life, her revenge fantasies for closure-on all fronts-are a go. Except neither her old wounds nor her new ones are as healed as she believes.

Still, she’s got work to do:
Brotherhood: unmask.
Demons: slaughter.
Guy problems: terminate with extreme prejudice.



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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