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Sinful Attraction by London Hale

I think this one is my favorite of the Temperance Falls stories.



Connor and Lola are perfect for each other. Connor with his kind heart (and his obvious insane attraction to Lola) and Lola – a sweet young woman following her heart, and realizing quitting her current profession is the right thing to do in order to achieve what she deserves.

Connor is one hell of a guy, taking care of Lola ever since she moved in to the four-plex where he lives on the Island. His instantaneous attraction to her grew to falling for her hard and fast. And when he realizes being her friend is all he can have, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe and be a friend to her.

Lola can’t really reveal her chosen profession to Connor, her only friend in Temperance Falls. Being a cop, he’ll be obligated by his job, and on a personal level, no one really wants to date a whore, right?


Lola finds that out the hard way, but with Connor by her side, she can do it all.

I’ll tell you a little secret, the next installment will be so much fun. I love how Ellis and Brighton pair up the characters….. such dirty trope they chose. Delicious.

This little story has it all; steamy sex (whoa!), dirty talk, a fair share of emotional expressions, some light drama and a happily ever after. What more can you want?

5 Stars




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35264918She’s an original sin sort of bad
I never should’ve looked at my police officer neighbor the way I did. We were too mismatched, too different to even hope we could be together. Especially seeing as how he could arrest me at any moment for what I did for a living. But Connor couldn’t help being my knight in shining armor, and one last rescue makes me lose what little control I had. To be with him, I have to give up my job and, very possibly, my home on the island. Even then, I don’t know if he can ever forgive me for the sins I can’t wash away.

He’s one of the good guys
From the moment Lola moved into my apartment building, I’ve wanted her. She’s too sweet and seemingly innocent, but it doesn’t stop me from lusting after her. There’s something about the hours she keeps, though. Something about the life she leads that has warning bells going off in my cop brain. Yet I can’t stay away. Not when she needs my help. Not when she needs me. Even if being with her could cost me my future.



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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