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Her Surprise Engagement by Ashlee Mallory

I’ve read the first book in the Sorensen Family series and love it. I didn’t actually realize Her Surprise Engagement is part of the series, but now that I do, I’m definitely going back to reading books 2&3.


Daisy Sorensen has been having a tough couple of years since her husband left her for a younger version. His debts and life’s hardship fell all on her, along with being a single mom to their three children. So when she’s finally starting to stabilize her life, still far from having all she’s ever wanted (be a business owner, particularly, a bakery owner) she learns her no good ex has gone back on his promise to the kids to take them to Disneyland. Not one to disappoint her children, she gets an offer from her sister in law to enjoy the family’s lake house.

Jack Harrison is about to become the governor, and in an effort to take some time and be with his daughter and explain the upcoming change in his public position, he’s accepting an offer to stay at that very same lake house.

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When Daisy and Jack find themselves together, and Jack’s public image is at stake, and so is his campaign, Daisy agrees to be his fake fiancé. In turn, he’ll co-sign her bank loan. Naturally though, it takes little time for them to fall in love, for the kids to bond and Jack to feel he’s got another chance at a big family, his life long dream.

I love the way Mallory builds the relationship, even though it’s a fast track one. I love how completely into Daisy Jack is. I love how this book filled me with that sense of romance that never happens in real life, but rekindles that flame that it might for some people.

This is a sweet, fun read. Very romantic and somewhat schmaltzy. But I very much enjoyed and recommend it wholeheartedly.

4 Stars




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35047432Single mom Daisy Sorensen doesn’t believe in fairytale endings—at least not for her. All she wants is to enjoy a much-needed, stress-free family vacation at a friend’s Lake Tahoe home. So of course everything that can go wrong does. Including a gorgeous man and his daughter showing up in the middle of the night.

Soon-to-be Governor Jack Harrison has had a crazy week, but he’s sure nothing can top arriving to find a bathrobe-clad, beautiful stranger in the home he’s staying in for the week. He’s wrong. When things spiral out of control the next morning, Jack makes Daisy an offer she can’t refuse. She’ll pretend to be his fiancée and he’ll help her open the bakery she’s been dreaming about.

But in between late-night campfires and days on the lake, Jack finds himself falling for the strong, stubborn woman for real.



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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