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Where Have All the Scoundrels Gone by Donna Cummings

Who wants some swoony historical romance? Some classic bump and grind? All wrapped up in fluff?

Grab yourselves a copy of Where Have All the Scoundrels Gone by Donna Cummings. Here’s why:


Donna offered me a copy of this one, and believe me when I say it, I felt blessed. Her type of levity is just what I needed, and it was a great, light, fun read.

See, there’s this Dowager and she has 3 nephews, all unwed – the scoundrels. Yup, those are the scoundrels in question.

Said scoundrels made her life amusing throughout their childhood, they were naughty, clever boys who never ceased pulling pranks on her. The book is littered with bits of their childhood – priceless.

Anyway, when she’s assembling a two week gathering of debutantes as potential wives for the trio, they are alarmed and don’t really want to cooperate, but their aunt leaves them with little choice.

Which is exactly how each of them finds himself attracted to a different lady. Neither of the ladies a debutante…


I won’t say which scoundrel ends up with which lady, but I can promise you they each find themselves with the perfect match, and as it turns out… their dowager aunt isn’t so innocent as they thought her to be.

4.5 Stars




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35405114Where Have All the Scoundrels Gone?

That is precisely what the Dowager Lady Thornham wants to know. She devotes her days to reading every scandalous morsel published about London’s rakes and rogues, but lately it seems they have all settled down and abandoned their wicked behavior.

Fortunately the Dowager has hit upon a new diversion: matchmaking. She has summoned her three nephews to a house party attended by a score of marriage-minded debutantes, and warned the young men they shall lose their quarterly allowance if they thwart her matrimonial schemes.

Three Scoundrel Heroes. One Determined Dowager. Three Unexpected Romances.





I read, review, flail and swoon.

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