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Fool for Love Anthology

This one is out today, so 1-click it.

Apart from really wanting the dress the model on the cover of this anthology is wearing… this little collection did not disappoint. And here’s why:


The first story by Beverley Oakley, His Valentine’s Secret, was sweet but I felt it didn’t live up to what it could have been. Lisette is aiming to avenge her father’s death and loss of status by plotting with her cousin. The buildup is nice and I can see where Oakley was going with this one – it just didn’t quite get there. I think it deserves some more work, and maybe even turn into a short novel/long novella.

Then, just when I stated I need some naughty, Donna Cummings came through with Truly, My Love, and it was everything I was waiting for. Sass, a heroine who isn’t afraid of going after what she wants, and some regency type frisky business. It was light, fun and sexy, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Heather Boyd contributed A Husband for Mary, and Mary is a little devil of a younger sister to an over protective older (by one year :P) brother. Only said brother has a gorgeous best friend. Mary really wants to attend a sinful masquerade where young ladies’ virtues go to die and pleasurable death, along with their reputation. Can you guess where this is going?

I think all in all this deserves a 4.5 stars.

Recommended for anyone who wants a swoony and light regency romance with a touch of filth.




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33781551Wicked Rogues. Handsome Aristocrats. Destined for love, one and all! Beverley Oakley, Donna Cummings, and Heather Boyd have teamed up to bring you three utterly romantic love stories to warm your heart!

In His Valentine’s Secret, by Beverley Oakley, Lady Athelton’s St Valentine’s Ball should have been a time for love, not vengeance, as the once carefree Lisette plots the demise of the man she once loved. Will she learn the truth in time?

In Truly, My Love, by Donna Cummings, Lord Benedict and Lady Sommerwood stage a faux romance in order to help him evade two besotted young misses at a Valentine party. But can an affair built on falsehoods possibly turn into true love?

In A Husband for Mary, by Heather Boyd, Miss Mary Vine kissed a handsome stranger at the Fenwick Masquerade, never imagining the extraordinary attraction could be for the most disgraceful rake in London. A man she knew far too well…

This is an all-new collection of stand-alone complete works.



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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