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Luck Be a Lady by Audra North

There’s something about the Irish patriotism that speaks to me. Luck Be a Lady is the sweetest story, semi-second chance romance (the first chance was when they were 15, so… you know…) and yes, in a way, it’s your typical he thought/she thought – but different.

Aoife (because I’m reading like an insane person I’ve read this name before, so I know it’s pronounced EE-va (silent a at the end) and Michael grew up together, until one day Aoife vanished from his life never to be heard from again. 15 years later Michael is still missing her and can’t understand what happened for her to not return his calls and then move away to the US.

Michael (Remember book 1? So Riordan’s brother) is a TV producer and aspiring screenwriter who’s very passionate about his homeland and is pursuing a production company to take his manuscript and make it into a full feature.
Aoife is a very successful and very wealthy COO at her own global-wide cosmetics company. She’s also well connected in Hollywood. <<< *hint hint*
Then, she’s back in Ireland for a short period of time, and when Michael confronts her, he’s just about giving up on getting his best friend back, Aoife blurts out what had hurt her so long ago.
From here on out it’s a whirlwind of romance, very sweet, loving and sexy.
Of course Michael wants Aoife to stay in Dublin. Of course he’s so in love with her he’s ready to leave his beloved Ireland and follow her wherever she will be. But of course things aren’t as simple, and Aoife has this one pesky childhood demon that’s making her question Michael’s commitment and her own self confidence.
That’s when things get a little wonky, and not at all from everything the plot leads us to expect, which is what I enjoyed most about the book.
When push comes to shove – we’re all driven by the same thing. We’re all insecure (to a point) and crave reassurances.
Luck Be a Lady is a sweet romance that proves not even distance breaks a special bond. It shows that when someone is proving his worth to you, there’s absolutely no reason to question his promise.
* My thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and Audra for this advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
32861720Fifteen years ago, Michael Faraday’s best friend walked out of his life without so much as a goodbye when her family moved to America. He managed to convinced himself that it didn’t matter… after all, they’d been only teenagers when it happened. But when he hears that she’s back in Ireland, even if only temporarily, feelings he thought had been buried long ago come rushing to the surface.

Aoife Fitzpatrick can think of a thousand places she’d rather be than Dublin, but it’s simply too difficult to establish a European headquarters for her cosmetics company from thousands of miles away. Her plan is to be in Ireland for only as long as it takes to get the ball rolling. As soon as she can, she’ll leave this country with its unhappy memories and hopefully won’t return for another fifteen years at least.

When Michael Faraday suddenly reappears in her life, Aoife realizes that her teenage crush on him has evolved into a very adult attraction. With their lives built firmly and separately across the expanse of an ocean, can she keep her emotions from becoming involved this time? Or will she find herself fleeing Ireland in heartbreak all over again?



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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