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The Scent of Winter by Tiffany Reisz

In one word… parfait!!

I’m going to dive right into this one. Tiffany Reisz has been releasing candied treats for what seems like ever. every holiday season there’s one, and whenever the mood strikes, we get a bedtime story. Most are OS related. And I couldn’t be happier.

The Scent of Winter is a stunningly written novella giving us Kingsley and Søren on the even of Søren’s 51st birthday. And it’s an absolute delight. Søren and King have always had a special bond, and their passionate love for each other goes beyond, way beyond the kink they share. 

So Søren, with the help of Juliette and Nora (of course), has King “shipped” up north to a secluded cabin in the woods. Sort of replicating one of their key nights from when they were at school as teenagers. Secrets are shared, confessions are made and their love just blooms more.

I keep being surprised (and I’m not sure why) about how logical and natural it is for them both to be in love with more than one person. Nora as well for that matter. And it feels okay. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely supportive of anyone to love as they desire. It’s all good in my book, but to be able to understand it on an emotional level, is rare, when one is heterosexual and a monogamous individual as I am.

There’s a part of their conversation during the night where we get to know a different Søren. One that absolutely will win anyone who didn’t like him before. For me it only made me love him infinitely more.

I just suggest you go on Reisz‘s website and grab your copy.



33285053Kingsley Edge thought he was being driven to the airport. He never expected he’d be kidnapped and relocated to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, Maine to help Søren celebrate his birthday. But it’s not quite the sexy party Kingsley hoped for. Søren has been keeping a secret from Kingsley for several years and it’s finally time to confess. But will Kingsley absolve his priestly lover of his sins or will this winter be the coldest one yet?

This novella takes place the December before the events of The Virgin and The Queen. Warning: Spoilers ahead–read through The Queen before reading The Scent of Winter. Stars Kingsley and Søren and a cabin in the woods…

Without any fanfare or counting down, Søren switched on the tree lights.
And just like that it was Christmas.
No gifts. No music. No crèche. Only lights. That’s all it took. A push of a button. It shouldn’t have been that simple, but it was. A little more light where before there was darkness. A little more beauty where before there was emptiness. All the bad things that were there before were still there, but at least there was one more small good thing in the world.



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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