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Dashing through the Snow: A Sexy, Snowy Christmas Tale by M. Leighton

Following Leighton’s Cash and Nash, she’s giving us Dash. Which isn’t his real name, but… you know… who cares.

Thanks, Michelle, for the copy of this hotness.


Dash Grainger is a thrill seeking snowboarding hottie. He’s wealthy, successful and so darn hot, it’s ridiculous. And he’s about to be interviewed by Dylin Hart for an online magazine. Dylin’s boss (and ex-boyfriend) sent her on this assignment a minute before Christmas. And just before handing her her assignment, they have a moment.

On her way to the remote, chalet, Dylin ignores a cab driver warning there’s a snow storm coming, and finds herself “stuck” in the luxurious cabin with a stunning, mouthwatering specimen of a man.

Things are sizzling, there are sparks, heck – on the verge of boiling and spilling over, so after making him promise her he won’t sleep with her, even if she asks, they find themselves getting to know each other and they like, more than like each other. Dash makes it clear that his top priority will always be the most thrilling thing in his life. Which is why he’s not in a relationship.

So when Dylin sneaks away before Dash wakes up the following morning, she’s not sure she made the right move. And Dash doesn’t know why suddenly snowboarding isn’t exactly at the top of the things he wants in life.

There’s a heartbreaking, mighty frustrating cat and mouse thing going on from that point on, so that when the HEA finally arrives, the relief is so sweet.

I’ll admit, I wish this would’ve been a longer story, just so that the complexity of the misunderstandings and pursuing would be elaborated more, but I get why it’s a novella. It’s Christmas time, after all.

4.5 stars




32828113Dilyn Hart hates Christmas, so when her boss (and ex-boyfriend) hands her an assignment to interview champion snowboarder and gorgeous playboy extraordinaire, Dash Grainger, on Christmas Eve, she takes it. There are several things she doesn’t plan for—a surly driver, a chalet in the middle of nowhere, a freak snowstorm—but the biggest surprise of all is Dash himself.

Dash Grainger lives for the high, and so far in his twenty-six years, he’s never met anyone or anything he loves more. Nothing has ever thrilled him as much as slick snow, cold air, and breakneck speed.

Until he meets Dilyn.

But one perfect night doesn’t mean clear, blue skies the next day. There are some storms that can’t be weathered.

Christmas Day might just be one of them.


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