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Dare Me by Courtney cole

Courtney Cole’s Nocte trilogy had me in a trance throughout the many months the books were released. It’s dark and fabulous and a complete mindfuck. I loved it.

And now she released a Dare pov novella, an addition to the trilogy. And it’s just what any Nocte lover needs.


Dare and Calla (God, how I love this name and the flower) are both in a mental facility. Dare is there for Calla, of course, and while she can’t remember him, they get reacquainted.

The novella, via moments of what to Calla appear to be deja vu, bring us to their story of how they met and fell in love.

Dare and Calla fall in love again. Well, Calla falls in love with Dare all over again, in a much saner way than what we know from the series.

I love Dare’s voice. It’s sweet and loving and tamely obsessed. I won’t say much about the novella as it’s very short and anything more I say will give away what’s there to read.

But know this – anyone who’s read Nocte must read this. Must.

4.5 Stars




(Also available as part of Kindle Unlimited along with the entire Nocte series)


31941793Dare Me is a hotshot novella based on the character Dare DuBray from the Nocte Trilogy.

They say she’s crazy.
She’s not.
They don’t know the truth.
She knows the truth. The problem is, she just doesn’t always remember it.
But I do.
My name is Dare DuBray.
I’m in love with a girl who is is erratic and beautiful, and a little bit mad.
But that’s ok.
We’re all a little mad, aren’t we?



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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