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It Was Always You Anthology Review

Yeah, I was happy to accept this ARC offer from Christina Lee because anything she writes is golden in my eyes.

Fine, it has Billie’s story in it, so of course I can’t refuse.

Hell yes!! I got to get a taste of new authors.

Best of all, I get to help One.n.Ten. by getting all of you guys to buy it. So go and 1-click!!


I won’t review each story separately. Mostly, because they were too short for me to really focus on them.

This collection is wonderful. I’m giving it 4 stars but it really is more than that. Each of the seven short stories in this anthology is a different outlook on friendships that hold something special, something extra.

Each friendship we have in our lives holds an aspect of love, but sometimes some also hold lust and yearning. Each of these stories have that spark of lust. Some have even more than that. And they all detail beautifully how different kinds of friendships can evolve into something beautiful and everlasting, and how sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith.

The only story I want to focus on is The Sweetest Goodbye. It tells Billie’s story, Callum’s little brother who epileptic. I remember how much I wanted to get his story, and now that I’ve finally got to read it, I want to unread it so I can read it again. Lee did a spectacular job expressing the feelings in this one. Both Billie’s and Dylan’s came through the words and straight into my heart, and I found myself almost breathless wanting them to get on the same page. I loved how Bullseye fit in and while I wasn’t particularly happy with everything regarding him, I feel like it wouldn’t have been as good, otherwise.

Two other stories I loved in this collection are Dare You To and Perfect Catch. I can’t say I’d give any of the stories under 4 stars, but those two are pretty much kissing 5 stars.






31343699What do you do when everything you’ve ever wanted was right there all along?

Join these bestselling M/M authors as they bring you tales of love, lust, and laughter… between friends.

Featuring seven brand new novellas, each answering the question—what happens when the one meant for you was right there all along?

The book will be available for a LIMITED TIME only!

All money and proceeds for this anthology will be donated to the charity One.n.Ten.



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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