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Savage Silence by Ellis Leigh

I have to start by saying this: Thaus is absolutely perfect. Why? Well, he’s a Dire Wolf. But it’s so much more than that.

Ellis Leigh has definitely done it again.


Thaus is a silent type. Which doesn’t mean he’s creepy. Well, maybe a little, to those who don’t know him and his origins. But really, if you come across a huge guy, broody and silent – wouldn’t you find him creepy?

So Thaus is in his cabin, living life, trying to endure the pain in his shoulder (he was hurt during the fight to save Amy, Levi’s girl). And then he gets a call from Dante. Since a direct call is not common, he’s immediately clued in to the fact this is a special mission. And special it is.

Thaus is sent to be a buffer of a sort between two packs, one claiming a female as fulfillment of an ancient contract. In actuality, the Dire’s presence is required as protection of the female. An omega.

Dun dun dunnnn….

We all know by now the omegas are considered to be of Dire descent, which makes them pack, which means anyone who’s threatening them – is in deep shit!

When Thaus first sees Ariel, he knows. He’s found his fated mate.

**Cue squeeeeee**

Ariel has been living as a free (ish) shiter female for about 3 years now, having escaped the torture/rape camps the omegas were freed from right around the battle in Merriweather (sp). She can’t handle being touched, especially by another male, and is especially jumpy around the claiming pack’s alpha.

So it’s a surprise when Thaus offers her the choice to leave her current adoptive pack on her own or go with him – she chooses Thaus (yay!!).

And as they reach his cabin, their sanctuary, that’s when shit hits the fan. As it turns out, the vicious alpha claiming Ariel has a few hidden cards up his sleeve.

5 Stars




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31581477There’s no escaping a Dire Wolf on the hunt…

Dire Wolf Thaus preferred the silence, having spent most of his time alone as the weaponry expert of his pack. But a mission outside of his expertise will challenge him more than he ever expected and threaten more than just his life.

Some memories are too horrific to forget. When Ariel’s fragile balance is upended, she’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive. Including running off with a man who scares her almost as much as he intrigues her.

An unexpected hero and a woman with scars deeper than one can see crash together on a mountainside fraught with its own dangers. In the world of the Dire Wolves, an Omega shewolf is a blessing none of them deserves. But when an angel sings his name, Thaus will go to hell and back to keep her safe and at his side.

One soldier, one fight…one chance at forever.



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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