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A Stroke of Luck by Audra North

I love Audra North. Even more so since I’ve met her earlier this year.

Her first Lucky in Love book was so much fun to read, so when I was offered the prequel novella I jumped at the chance. And so we’re taken 100 years earlier for when Samantha Meyer’s grandmother fell in love.


This one was almost like reading a Regency novel in the sense that the social behavior was dated and unique and fascinating. Bríd Gallagher is a free spirit, if you think in terms of early 20th century Ireland. So when her carriage wheel breaks mid journey to her matched fiancé, she’s pretty ecstatic to have another adventure that will delay the inevitable – marry in order to save her mother from a life of poverty.

Bríd convinces her prompt and proper mother to stay in a close by village until the local smithy can fix the carriage. She also has a crush on the smithy.

Gavin O’Leary is some sort of a pariah in his village, following the death of his close friend who took her own life. Being a good and honest man, he won’t say exactly what happened to have her commit suicide, but he’s determined to fix things and make the villagers move her graves inside the churchyard.

When he finds Bríd and her mother with their coachman stranded, Gavin is instantly drawn to Bríd and that wild and cheeky gleam in her eye.

Gavin and Bríd defy every proper behavior, meet in secret and fall madly in love within days of meeting each other, but each of them with their inhibitions lead to them separating when Bríd’s fiancé shows up to fetch her himself.

The resolution of this novella is the sweetest thing, and I have to admit this story made me remember things aren’t what they seem sometimes, and the position we thing we are in isn’t always the one we’re actually holding.


4 Stars




31147415She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but is he the right man for her?

When Bríd Gallagher’s coach breaks down in the middle of a muddy road in West Ireland, she hardly expects that the man of her dreams will be the one to come to her rescue. After all, she is engaged–affianced to a man twice her age in a desperate attempt to save her family from poverty. When Gavin O’Leary appears and awakens an impossible desire in her, Bríd can hardly afford–quite literally–to succumb to the temptation of a village blacksmith.

Gavin cannot wait to quit his village and make his way to Dublin. He is tired of the unpleasant rumors that have plagued him for far too long, and the suspicious looks from those he once considered friends. Pursuing a woman like Bríd Gallagher is hardly a complication he needs to introduce into his life. Besides, she’s already spoken for.

But even the best intentions can sometimes be forgotten in the wake of such powerful attraction. When Bríd and Gavin find themselves closer than either of them expected, a future together is suddenly within sight… but without a stroke of luck on their side, will their happily ever after end up still too far out of reach to take hold of?


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7377144Audra North fell in love with romance at age thirteen and spent the next twenty years reading as many romance novels as she could. Even now, after having read over one thousand of them, Audra still can’t resist the lure of a happily ever after, and her collection continues to grow. She lives near Boston with her husband, three young children, and a lot of books. Visit her website at or find her (way too frequently) on Twitter @AudraNorth.



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