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Fun with Dick and Shane by Gillibran Brown


Can I say how much I love the Goodreads BDSM group ladies? A diverse bunch with fantastic discussion topics and great book recs.

Now, May’s read is Fun with Dick and Shane by Gillibran Brown. If the internet doesn’t lie, Gillibran is a real person, actually living through everything he writes. So… a diary style book. I’m down with that!


So, the group admins chose Fun with Dick and Shane (FwDaS) as May’s read and while I don’t always join the monthly reads, this one sounded unique, and as I rarely read M/M/M, decided to join in.

Color me surprised when the synopsis is exactly what we get! Only waaaay better.

FwDaS is a disciplinary menage style compilation of diary entries made by Gillibran Brown. The boy is hys-terical.


There’s a significant age gap between Gilli and his Daddies (roughly 10 and 20 years). This plays into the behavior analysis each read goes through reading it. Aren’t we all Freud now…

That Dick is a switch and is rather tender hearted, quite possibly because he’s also a submissive to Shane, makes him a lot easier to swallow. No pun intended. I swear. And opposite him we have Shane, who is essentially both their Daddy. He’s a hardass disciplinarian Daddy who is strict and seemingly somewhere between cold and aloof, but I sense he’s a little more than that and does have a softer side. Not that it’s really shown in Gilli’s diary.

Gilli is a houseboy, the youngest, the cub, and also their housekeeper turned partner in this quite funny dynamics between the three.

As I said, the boy is funny as hell. He’s hilarious, in fact, and is very very witty and sassy and tempting his fate where Shane is concerned. However, what I mostly enjoyed is the three’s relationship. I imagine there are other trios like them, even in books, but I doubt there’s another writer that is so talently (not a word, I know) tells his story this way.

I’m definitely going to read the rest of Gillibran’s books. Here’s a link to his blog: for your pleasure and a wee insight into him becoming a published writer.

4.5 Stars




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7509987Ever wondered what it must be like to be part of a ménage à trois, a gay ménage à trois? Then wonder no more, because that’s just what my book is all about. It contains snippets, snatches and stories about everyday life with my Daddies, Dick and Shane. I love them both dearly, despite their overbearing ways, or perhaps even because of them.

The book takes its starting point and content from the personal web diary I began to write in September 2006, when boredom lay heavy upon me and I was alone on account of my boyfriends being away together on holiday. If you think this houseboy’s life might interest you, then welcome, step over the threshold, but wipe your feet first, as I’ve just polished the parquet.

Warning: Adult Content.



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