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Claiming His Prize by Ellis Leigh

Sigh… a dragon. Who knew, right? Piers can blow fire in my direction any day of the week.


I’ve been a sucker for Ellis Leigh’s writing for years now, and she has yet to disappoint me. First with her wolves and then a bear, and now… a dragon. A freaking dragon!!

We’ve been introduced to Piers in Leigh’s last release, Claiming His Chance, where he was Trinity’s (Cahill’s mate) cousin. So now he’s alone in The Pack House, and Mick, the House’s owner is going slightly nuts. Why? Read on.

Doctor Jane, the House’s physician is held there against her will. Well, sort of. She’s blackmailed by Mick, who’s holding her father’s life in his hands.

Piers is The Pack House’s winning ticket and has been for a while. So now Mick is bored and wants to spice things up. So he’s preparing a surprise, and is, of course, forcing Jane to participate.

Dragons senses work differently than wolves, which is how Piers has managed to keep his distance and learn so much in his time at the House. But now that he finally won Jane’s heart and her life is at stake – Piers must reveal some of the dragons’ secrets.

I loved this one. It’s super short, but super sexy and packed with action and just the right dose of angst.

Grab grab grab!!

5 stars


* Yet again, my thanks to Ellis Leigh for providing me with a copy of this little treat in exchange for my review.


28794774Dragons don’t play well with others…

Dragon-shifter Piers has been fighting at The Pack House—an underground MMA-style fight ring for shifters—for months. He’s bested every opponent, won every prize, except the attention of the hot female doctor he can’t get off his mind.

Doctor Jane patches up shifters to keep her father safe, a fate not of her choosing. She’d be okay with her lot in life if it weren’t for the handsome dragon shifter with the charming smile she can’t stop thinking about.

When another dragon claims Jane as his mate, Piers will have to fight to the death to save her from a fate she didn’t choose. But the biggest obstacle in his way isn’t the fire-breathing dragon set on claiming what isn’t his, but the doctor herself who might choose duty over everything else. Maybe even him.

Scales will fly, hisses will sound, and dragons will take to the sky, but only one will end up with the ultimate prize: love.


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