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The SEAL’s Miracle Baby by Laura Marie Altom

I love stumbling upon good reads on NetGalley.

When I saw The SEAL’s Miracle Baby available on NetGalley (thanks for providing the ARC guys), I felt like this might be a super duper kitsch story, but needed one of those to balance my eclectic reading shelf.

This book, the first in a series, is packed with things happening. That’s unusual for Harlequin Romance titles, but it’s clear that Altom was trying to do something different with this one. 

I liked the story. It’s real. Life is hard and s#$t happens, and when a tornado destroys nearly the entire town you live in, some good is needed to make things seem like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. That won’t make for a plot, though, so the author threw in a second chance romance and a found baby for the couple to deal with.

I really liked Grady. He’s a great male character. Hurt but trying, acting his part. He’s also fabulous in the story’s setting.

As for Jessy, I’ll be honest and say I wanted to throttle her 85% of the time. Talk about a character being told one thing and absorbing it with a twist. And so. damn. selfish. WOW.

I’m not delving into specifics, but when told she might not be able to have children, Jessy does the worst thing and alienates Grady, brakes of their engagement and goes on to live life unfulfilled, though she tells herself differently.

Grady’s not an idiot, thank goodness, and his actions and reactions were perfect throughout the story.

This is as close to a page turner as this genre allows, and is well written. I did enjoy the story and read it in one sitting.

My rating: 3.5 stars


* Thank you Harlequin Romance for a copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.


Jessie Long knew she made the right decision years ago. Grady Matthews wanted a ranch and a home full of kids, and she couldn’t give him that. So she cut him loose for his own good. They went their separate ways. Grady left to join the Navy and Jessie stayed home.

Now a deadly twister has flattened their hometown, and it’s brought them back together and back to square one. The passion’s still there, and the easy understanding. Even the way they care for the orphaned baby found in the aftermath just seems to fit. For Grady, that’s enough. He’s sure they can make a life together. But for Jessie, the secret that tore them apart is still hiding under the surface. And she can’t face losing Grady a second time.

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