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Shifters Gone Alpha Compilation

Hey guys, I’m reviewing one story of the many that are making up this compilation. They are all short additions to for the various authors’ other series/stories.

The one I’ve read is Ellis Leigh’s short addition to Blaze, Dante & Moira’s story in The Gathering series.



I loved Moira’s menage of a HEA in The Gathering. It was intense, it was carnal and it was weirdly very romantic.

Now that the three of them, Blasius, Dante and Moira are in their mansion of a home, Moira is feeling a wee bit claustrophobic.

Imagine a young woman who’s been an alpha’s right hand for most of her adult life, is now a part of a trio in which two of the men are very much alpha and she is very much sheltered. I know I’d go nuts.

So is Moira. To the point where her new enemy is an inanimate object. A fancy one, too.

As you can imagine, both Dante and Blaze know how to take care of Moira and help her ease her struggles.

As short as this story is it adds so much to The Gathering, I feel as though it’s an epilogue.

Top all of what I just said with earlier said carnal erotica and you have the perfect train ride read.

Absolutely loved it!!

My rating: 5 Stars


** My thanks to the Box Set Authors via Smashwords for providing this advance copy in exchange for my honest (albeit very limited) review.



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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