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Bruja by Aileen Erin

I think Alpha Girl is one of the last few YA series I’m still reading. And enjoying.

Claudia, Tessa’s cousin, is the focus of this installment of the series. Claudia is forced to travel to Peru, as a last resort in looking for a cure for Rafael, her twin.

Looking for white magic is a feat, especially when you’re bonded (unfortunately) with an evil, dark magic practicing Luciana, her coven leader.

There are a lot of things happening in this book, and most of them aren’t good. For the characters, that is. The plot – it only does it good. But in the midst of Claudia’s journey, there’s a nice, sexy development.

That development has a name. Lucas.

Lucas is a wolf shifter and he’s faaaaaaantastic. He’s recognizing Claudia as his mate immediately upon setting his eyes on her. Suffice it to say Claudia has enough on her plate, and she never even imagined she’ll be with a wolf. I guess it runs in the family 😉

Back to Lucas. He’s helping Claudia look for the white magic, but in the process he’s definitely making her fall for him. HARD. Hell, I even fell for him.

Claudia herself is lovely, strong, determined, and so naive romantically. Hers and Lucas’ bond is slowly building and gradually she becomes dependent on him being there for her, yet remains independent in her determination.

Aside from the flowing writing, the great pacing and the fun characters, there’s a lovely balance of dark and light, of fun and seriousness and of romance and friendship.

Looking forward to get back to Tessa and Dastien next.

My rating: 4star

My thanks to InkMonster and Aileen Erin (via NetGalley) for this advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

~ Eleanor

Claudia De Santos has always looked out for every witch but herself. She fought from the shadows as her coven turned dark, and with a little help from her half witch/half alpha werewolf cousin, Tessa, Claudia is doing everything she can to keep her friends and family in the light.

Now the coven has splintered into two factions: Luciana’s army of witches wielding dark magic, and Claudia’s few stragglers who fight with the wolves. War is coming, and it won’t be much of a battle if Claudia can’t find the spells to counteract Luciana’s demonic power.

The answers lie in ancient magic, and Claudia must journey to Peru to rediscover what the Inca mages knew. Fighting evil will require a pure spirit, but her quest is full of temptations, including a handsome Peruvian guide with secrets of his own.

As she struggles to gain the knowledge her friends will need in the coming battle, conflict rages in Claudia’s heart. Following through with her arranged marriage could bring hope and more allies to the side of good, but at the cost of her own happiness. Should Claudia stay on the same path of duty she’s always walked or risk it all—her life and the futures of all brujos—for a chance at something more?


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