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Taken by Charlotte Stein

I was never a hairy hunk type of girl. Until Han.


It was just a prank I didn’t want to be a part of. I never meant to hurt anyone, least of all Johann Weir. You wouldn’t know that he sells literature for a living. He has these wild eyes—eyes that light something up in me—and he must be twice as big as I am, with strong, warm hands. Hands I try not to imagine everywhere.

He scares me. And thrills me.

But now the deed is done, and I have to face the consequences. He says he just wants to hold me here until the police come, but it’s been hours and I’m still here.

Chained to a pipe in his back room like a prisoner.

The only person I have to talk to is Johann, and I tell him dark, shameful secrets—secrets that involve the metal around my wrist and him standing over me. But I can’t stop. I need him to know everything. I need him.

Johann has his own secrets—ones he wants to tell me too. And more than anything, I want to listen. And maybe, before he sends me away, he’ll punish me.

Just a little.

Just enough.


Rosie and Johann’s… acquaintance, if you will, is quite possibly the one that’s most weird in the history of “first laid eyes on each other moment”.

Charlotte didn’t say what the “deed” that is done actually is, so I’m not going to ruin it. But Han’s reaction to it is what one would call extreme. I call it oddly funny. His reaction, though, plays right into Rosie’s fantasies.

Typical to Stein’s writing, the story is mostly in the MC’s head. It’s her thoughts, her desires, and her view on how things unfold. Rosie’s pov is very aware. She’s aware of her wishes, she’s aware of what’s going on, and she’s mostly aware of Han and his reactions and wiles. She’s also got one heck of a wild imagination.

Then we have Han, who’s view of himself is so distorted, he both sees Rosie and doesn’t at all. Or more like doesn’t see her impression of him. And boy, is that quite an impression.

Han is also a very, very, filthy boy. In truth, the way he sees himself is so opposite of how dirty he speaks to her in bed, that it’s both mind boggling and a major turn on. There. I said it.

I love the Under the Skin books, so far.

My rating: 4star

* Thank you Charlotte Stein, Avon, and Edelweiss for providing this copy in exchange for my honest review.




I read, review, flail and swoon.

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