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HAPPY RELEASE DAY!! Finding Purgatory by Kristina M. Sanchez

For those of you who’re into angst – this one is for you. But beware – it ends on a positive note. It’s life. It’s real. It’s gorgeous.

So it’s no secret Kristina is a dear friend. She’s in fact one of the most opinionated, infuriating, quirky and incredibly talented people I know.

She’s also a fantastic writer and Finding Purgatory is her 2nd novel released. Her first published work, Duplicity is a novella and One to Tell the Grandkids is her first novel that release in 2014. Both are great reads and highly recommended.



In one short moment, Ani Novak’s life is turned upside down. Her beautiful family is destroyed and she is left completely alone. With an unnamed desire, she seeks out the little sister she had walked away from when she was nineteen.

Tori Kane is barely eighteen, jaded, and reluctantly in need of her sister’s help. While Ani is in the position to financially support her sister, the one thing Tori really needs money can’t buy and Ani no longer knows how to give—trust.

Neither of them expected paradise, but they want more than the hell their lives have become. There has to be a middle ground between heaven and hell where they can just be.



Finding Purgatory is awesome in a whole different way than anything you’ll normally read. You won’t find it packed with sex and the romance is not jumping off the page. Kris is an expert in “telling” relationships. She can write those suckers like it’s nobody’s business. And in FP there are some interesting ones.

In Finding Purgatory Ani and Tori’s stories are twined in a basic way, but that’s where basic ends and a helluvalot of complicated begins.

Finding Purgatory is about incredibly challenging loss, about finding life, about dealing with conflicting situations and yes, about rediscovering love, in its most basic and pure forms.

Grab Finding Purgatory on Amazon today and help spread the word.

(also, hint hint – both Duplicity and OtTtG are FREE through Friday, April 3rd)

I’m giving this beautiful story 5 because it’s really, really, truly worth them.




I read, review, flail and swoon.

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