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Claiming His Witch by Ellis Leigh

I have been waiting for Pup’s story since book one in the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club series. There was something about him in Rebel and Charlotte’s story that just got to me. Might’ve been his desire to prove himself, even though he screwed up, and it might’ve been something else, but oh boy am I glad Claiming His Witch is finally out.


Only ten years into his new life as a wolf shifter, Feral Breed MC prospect Pup is struggling to find his place. A throwaway kid in his human past, the only home he’s ever known has been with his Breed brothers. But a mistake that nearly ended the life of his leader’s mate haunts him, and he’ll stop at nothing to prove his worth.

Orphaned at birth, Azurine and her sisters have been raised on string magick, grimoires, and the strength of the elements around them. Growing up surrounded by the witches in their coven, there’s never been a lack of a maternal element to support her. But she’s always been the “middle Weaver,” forced to accept the coven’s refusal to see the girls as anything other than the Weaver triplets.

When a witch hunter invades the coven’s home, the witches lash out at the nearest suspect… and one of their own. Betrayed by her coven, Azurine must choose between the only family she’s ever known and the man fate tied to her soul. And as Pup tries to earn the respect of his club, he makes a decision that could cost him more than his place in the Feral Breed. It could cost him Azurine. Or his own life.

Umm… hi there, gorgeous man on cover of the book. How are ya? I’m going to go ahead and pretend that’s pup, deal?

Remember how Rebel had to wait, what… two hundred years for his mate? And Gates… four hundred years and on the verge of giving up? Our adorable young pup, only ten years into his wolf life finds Azurine (Zuri), a witch that is weirdly connected to the water element.

First, I love the name Zuri. It somehow fits her character beautifully. And her water magick (yup, that’s how ti works with this witch, it’s magicK) is pretty awesome. Helloooooo mood storm. lol

Pup and Zuri are drawn to one another and unknowingly run towards each other, and when they meet it’s, as expected, insta-lust.

Deep and sweet, the smell was the waking up on the riverbank as kid with the mist rolling over the water and the sun playing hopscotch across the ripples and waves. It was like home and faith and all the good things I’d long ago had taken from me. It was everything… and it was mine.

The only complication is that Zuri is part of a triplet, adopted by the previous coven leader, who is now gravely ill. Current leader wants to uproot the coven and run as she believes there’s a witch hunter about to attack them.

One guess who she suspects?

Zuri’s sisters fill a very important role in this story, though, and I was impressed by how clever their part in it was. Fantastic weaving of witchcraft and elements, fate and destiny, with the wolves’ world. Kudos, Ellis.

I was surprised by how much of a man Pup is. He’s protective, fierce, kind of badass and every single thing that he did made me love him more.

He grabbed my elbow when I moved to walk away from him, bending over to give me a deep kiss before whispering against my mouth, “I’m going to love the fuck out of you, little witch. Just you wait and see.”

And then he walked out the door.

Did I say swoooooon yet?

Another character introduced in this book is Beast. Gates’ brother and the one who turned Pup into wolf. Beast is pretty great, and I think his role in Pup’s life is perfect.

In short, though I absolutely adored the first two stories – I mean Rebel and Gates? UNF – I am claiming Pup as the perfect guy. Like… EVER!

My rating: 5 power a gazillion. That’s a lot of stars, ha? lol




I read, review, flail and swoon.

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