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Frequent Flyers – Romantic Short Story Collection

I was given a copy of this collection by the authors, and knowing some of them was very excited to take part in reviewing the stories. I think this group of ladies did a fantastic job. And now, following a full week of pre-release blitz, I’m happy to provide my review for the stories. Have at it!


Eye of the Storm by Beth
Bolden – Commercial pilot Captain Grant Montgomery III lives for the rules; flight attendant Tess O’Brien loves to break them. The storm brewing between them might be even wilder than the record-breaking blizzard outside.

Opposites attract, right? That’s what they say. But I’m thinking people need to be similar with just one key character trait that’s different. And from where I stand, that’s exactly the case with Grant and Tess. And them connecting so well in the midst of a partly dangerous, somewhat romantic situation, made for a very swoony story. I liked the writing, the idea, and thawing in both of them. 

My rating: 4star


Forced Landing by Angel Lawson – Nadya discovers her tiny hometown airport is the portal to a world she never knew existed, one with an ancient history buried deep within her bloodline.

I never expected this. I’m not going to ruin the surprise in this one, just say that if there’s something you’re wondering that might be… off with this plot, you can probably figure it out if you take some of recent years book pop culture into account.

Great writing, innocent plot, great twists… I liked it a lot.

My rating: 4star


Unscheduled Departure by T.M. Franklin – Rowan Elliott is devastated when her boyfriend, Finn, tells her he’s moving across the country to take over the family business, and thrilled when he changes his mind at the last minute and gets off the plane. But then things get . . . weird. And Ro’s left wondering if her boyfriend’s really who she thinks he is.

If you know Franklin’s previous writing, this plot makes perfect sense. I have to admit that I didn’t like the first half of the story. It was confusing, and while I’ve read many of her work, I didn’t expect this. Shame on me. There’s an oddity in the plot that is easily explained by something I think a lot of us on planet earth want to be true. I’m making an executive decision and deeming it so. This S#^t happens IRL, folks. LOL

My rating: 4.5star


A Midsummer Flight’s Dream by Kira A. Gold – Twenty years ago, he promised to catch her if she fell. Contains young lust, old books, and wild strawberries.

I was reallllly looking forward to this one. Second chance stories are always the best. And it’s written beautifully, to be honest, but the plot was just… a little dead. To me, anyway. A little overly descriptive for my taste and slightly lacking on the romance. There was one awesome part where the protagonist gives a TSA agent a piece of her mind. That was fantastic, but felt like the most happening in the story. I’d have loved to get more right now than 20 years ago.

Oh, and I loved the cover. A lot. So pretty ❤

My rating: 3.5star


Fly Me To The Moon by Bev Elle – Ticketing agent Jessamy Taylor has been in a dating slump that was exacerbated when she moved her sickly mother in. Truth is, she’s never gotten over the quirky Dr. Griffin Sanderson whose OCD drives her crazy, despite his excellent bedside manner.

I really really really enjoyed this story. Great idea, fantastic characters, and a perfect, annoying best friend. The issue woven into this romance has always fascinated me, and reading it in such a way made it seem more than possible to deal with. And I couldn’t stop humming Fly Me To The Moon. The only part that I was a little annoyed with is towards the end when Jessamy and her mom had a heart to heart. Felt a little too schmaltzy. But really…. a very jazzy story.

My rating: 4.5star


The Friendly Skies by Amanda Weaver – An unruly drunk, a misbehaving volcano and a re-routed flight lead to one steamy night for two strangers who meet on a plane.

I looooove Amanda’s writing. Always have. And somehow her stories are always touching. They’re spot on with the characters inner turmoils, their fears and wants. Everything just feels so real. Lol. Seriously, being neck deep in the dating scene, with barely time to breath between sleep and work, it was all so very me. Only without the business travel (thank God).

And really, who doesn’t love a gorgeous British man. WANT!

My rating: 5

Long story short, this is a great collection that will no doubt make you swoon and feel warm and fuzzy with happy ending stories.





I read, review, flail and swoon.

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