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Lord Wastrel by Donna Cummings

I swear to God, if I ever get lucky enough to meet Donna Cummings, I’m going to pinch her so hard. That’s for making us all (aren’t I considerate to act on all of our behalf?!) wait so long for Hugh, and also for… Well, you’ll just have to read. LOL


When Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, plays matchmaker, true love can seem like a curse. . .

Lord Wastrel–the most notorious rake in London–has a child? Clearly he knows how to sire one, but he has no idea how to actually raise one. He has to learn quickly, since he is the little girl’s only surviving parent, and he’s determined to find a wife who can be a suitable mother. All he needs is someone demure, and biddable, and most importantly, scandal-free.

Lady Felicia Selby is no stranger to scandal, thanks to her numerous failed elopements and Society’s insatiable curiosity about her misadventures. She has devoted many years to finding her one true love, desperate to escape the consequences of the family curse if she fails. But she has begun to give up hope.

Then, one evening, a chance encounter with Aphrodite changes everything.


I was forced to read this early copy of Lord Wastrel (Lore Rakehell’s BFF). *snickers* no I wasn’t. I jumped at the opportunity for several reasons:

1) I didn’t believe Donna actually finished writing it – needed proof.

2) I realllllly wanted to read this novella – Donna’s writing is funny as hell. Even her smut is funny.

3) Funny smut – do I need to say more?

So I got Wastrel and immediately dived in. It’s everything I thought it would be, and it has Rakehell in it, just for kicks, too. Well, not just for kicks – he actually helps, now that he’s all “experienced” in matters of the heart.

The plot in a nutshell: Wastrel is presented with a surprise that kind of changes his life. Wastrel needs a wife. Wastrel finds a wife. There are pinches involved. And one incredibly adorable girl.

I loved the two characters. Hugh (Wastrel) is charming, easy going and determined to find a mother for his child. He knows what he’s looking for and sets to find it. Felicia is sweet, kind-hearted and funny. She’s also potentially abusive. And she’s a minx.

There’s a tiny subplot going for another character, and she’s a hoot. It definitely brings a little something extra to Felicia’s journey. Cryptic, right? Ha!!

I can’t say much more or I’ll ruin all the cute moments, and there are plenty.

Pick up this giggle-inducing afternoon delight. It’s just pure fun.

My rating: 4.5star

** And I knocked it down a 1/2 star b/c I didn’t get the resolution for Aunt Uproar. Yup, I’m petty. lol


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