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Summer Moon by Jan DeLima

“Could love come from their union? Did she dare hope for such a thing? He leaned over, gathered her close, and captured her mouth for a kiss that started tender but deepened when she responded. He toyed with her mouth until she was squirming again, only to break away to trail his lips down her neck, and lower.”


Yes, it took me two weeks to actually sit down and write this review. And in my defense it’s just that I didn’t want to spoil it.

Celtic Moon, the first installment in the Celtic Wolves series, was so freakin’ good, I really was apprehensive about Summer Moon. Needlessly. I promise. It’s just me. I get attached to characters.


She won’t be ruled again……

Rosa Alban has been obedient her entire life. But when her alpha husband dies, she seizes the opportunity to flee the oppressive Guardians—the rulers of the secret shapeshifter world. Her flight instantly brands her as a pack traitor, and she has no choice but to seek protection from a neighboring tribe by marrying one of their sons.

Known as the Beast of Merin, Luc Black loyally plays the part of unwanted son and devoted brother. He realizes marrying Rosa will strengthen his tribe’s territory, but he has no intention of loving ever again. Still, he’s unprepared for the intense physical need the wild she-wolf awakens in him.

When the Guardians hone in on Rosa, Luc must fight to protect his new bride. And as war descends, the unlikely allies discover their destinies are irrevocably entwined……



In the first installment we were introduced to a very special situation in this genre. The family wasn’t to be created. The couple wasn’t to be finding each other. The child wasn’t to be born in order to fix it all. It was already there! Mostly. I’m not getting into it, just get the book and read it. You will not be disappointed.

If you’ve read already, you remember Rosa who helped Sophie escape from Rosa’s cruel husband. Now Rosa is out to claim her reward for her very dangerous little stunt.

Luc, Dylan’s brother, is loyal to his pack and to his brother to a fault. He does, however, seek his own place in the world. While still loving his (almost a century long) dead wife, he proposes marriage to Rosa in hopes of claiming her home as his and to help her escape a prophecy that threatens her independence and control of her own self.

Naturally, the Guardians, who are directly involved in the prophecy, are aiming for a war in order to claim Rosa back, but where there’s a prophecy, there’s a destiny. And Rosa and Luc’s is especially swoony.

Luc, a distinct alpha, is finding it harder and harder to resist Rosa. He’s torn between his love for his first wife and his lust (only?) to his new wife.

Rosa, on the other hand, is quickly falling in love with Luc and is doing her best to convince him that holding on to a memory is not the way to go.

What was so very special in this book was Luc’s first wife’s journal. She wrote her inner most thoughts, especially as she grew older and aged. She wrote of her impressions of her loved ones, of Luc, of herself and her wishes. And the snippets from the journal, strewn throughout the plot, are giving the reader a much deeper understanding of Luc’s character, his principals, his devotion. All that made me adore him even more.

One more awesome thing in this book was the side story of Elen and Cormack. After she healed him at the end of Celtic Moon, Elen is pining for Cormack and is convinced he’s angry at her for what she did. Cormack, however, is just feeling he’s not good enough for her at this stage of his learning how to be a man. I can’t wait for their book. It’s next, Jan, right? *pokes gently*

My rating: 5



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Jan lives in Maine with her husband of twenty years and their two teenage sons.  Unlike many authors, Jan didn’t pen stories at an early age but has always been a dedicated reader.  She loves stories and storytelling.  It wasn’t until after her children entered school that she began writing.  Raised in a military family, she lived in different countries such as Thailand and Germany, but home base has always been Maine.  She brought a mixture of all her experiences to her first published novel, blending castles and Celtic lore with the wild nature of her home.

For news and updates (or more than you ever wanted to know about the author’s life) please visit her blog at



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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