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One To Tell The Grandkids by Kristina M. Sanchez

So what if I was lucky enough to be a part of this book’s “birthing” process? So what if I was lucky enough to comment and object and say “I don’t get it” while Kris was writing? (to be quite honest, watching her write is quite the experience, especially when you’re impatient for more and she NEEDS to go to Disneyland)

I’m sidetracking myself, so I’ll just give you my impression of this story.


Since she was a teenager, Taryn Sato skirted the edge of disastrous decisions. When she found herself pregnant after a one night stand with a complete stranger, she knew she was giving her family an opportunity to say “I told you so.”

Caleb Ryder was more of a big brother than best friend to Slate McKenzie. When Slate found out he was going to be a father, Caleb promised to be there for him. Though Caleb was the type of man to learn from his mistakes, history threatened to repeat itself in the form of Slate’s baby’s mother, Taryn.

A story about finding love when you aren’t looking and finding your place when your family tree is really a forest.



Isn’t the cover ADORBS???

I think it’s not necessary that I give you my version of the plot, so I’ll get right to business.

When you take young woman who’s been through a trauma of losing her sister and never truly realizing what she missed, and you take a man who’s going through a trauma and coping with it all alone, after having suffered a great loss, and you throw in a pregnancy into the mix, you get a headache, right? Unless… someone who sees the whole story, the whole picture, all the little details that are factored into the plot and the lives of the characters and their friends – is the one actually writing it.

That’s what the author did. That’s what she does best. Taryn finds herself in a particularly difficult situation, and when she decides on a path, she changes the lives of almost everyone around her – in my opinion – for the better.

I consider this story completely Taryn’s, even if two additional significant characters are taking part in it, too; Slate, for all intents and purposes – is a walking, talking misconception. I’m pretty sure that if I’d have met him socially, I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Maybe to admire his tattoos, nothing more. Caleb, on the other hand, is so very mature (not particularly by choice) and so broken inside, even if he’s showing nothing on the outside, he’s avoiding any situation that might produce the slightest of chances of a repeat of the experience that burned him so. Even at the risk of losing what will ultimately make him the happiest.

Kris’s writing is alway so very careful. Every word is calculated, yet every word flows right from the tips of her fingers and onto the page (err… computer screen) and I’m always amazed. I know this story is, in part, pretty personal for Kris.  And I think that if you give it a chance, you will find that special charm one always finds when reading a beautiful story, with great, wholesome characters, romance and drama – wrapped neatly in a not perfect, but a happy ending.

Every emotion is thought through, and more than that – felt – through the words.

I think it’s safe to say I wholeheartedly recommend this novel.

My rating: 5



Kristina M. Sanchez is an Orange County California native. She currently resides down the street from Disneyland and is the mother of two pain in the behind cats.
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2 thoughts on “One To Tell The Grandkids by Kristina M. Sanchez

  1. agree agree agree 🙂 Loved it, only problem I had with this book, well, I’m still having this problem.. is it ended and now I”m suppose to wait for Kristina to write another novel..
    It’s funny, you know my feelings about babies and the fact that in my eyes their ruin any romance. yet, I loved this book to pieces. I’m still wondering how THAT happened. But don’t worry, if I ever feel the need to take care of anyone, I’ll just take another dog 😉

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