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Beyond Solitude by Kit Rocha

How I love this series. I do, I really do. I think it’s one of the few (if not the actual one) adult erotica series that I absolutely love and enjoy reading.

There’s something about Dallas O’Kane. And you know why I say that? It’s because he’s done something memorable, profound and pretty fucking awesome in every single Beyond book so far. And this novella is no different.

That’s why he’s my favorite O’Kane. But Dallas is not the focus of this story. Nope. That would be Ford.


When a motorcycle accident leaves Derek Ford riding a desk at the O’Kane compound, the last thing he needs is a sexy new assistant upending his office and his life. But Mia isn’t scared of her domineering boss. The friction between them generates an undeniable heat—but Mia will not be kept, and Ford will do anything to protect what’s his.

A few notes:

Unlike Beyond Temptation, this story stands separate from the main series plotline, with a tight focus on the hero and heroine as they travel through some parts of the Sectors we don’t usually get to show.




Derek Ford was briefly introduced before, but did not get any real attention from Bree and Donna (shame on you, ladies… tsk tsk) until now.

Beyond Solitude tells us the story of Derek Ford, an O’Kane that’s been badly hurt in an accident outside sector limits and had to drag himself back or risk not being found and saved in time. He’s now desk bound and has earned himself a new assistant/secretary/apprentice/whatchamacallit by the name of Mia.  And Derek Ford is a broody, moody, annoying and hot SOB.

Mia is not an O’Kane. Yet. She’s pretty darn awesome, though, with her smarts, beauty (what else) and insane determination and hope. Mia is also a runaway from Lex’s old sector, where she was trained as the perfect companion. She carries the emotional scars that go along with the job title.

Ford and Mia are combustable from the very beginning of their introduction. They argue and care with the same passionate flame and they are, in my opinion, an amazing couple. I loved how Mia’s training makes it easier (probably without her knowledge most times) to deal with Ford’s moods and gut reactions. I also absolutely loved how Dallas and Lex’s relationship is paralleled to theirs.

My Rating: 5

My deepest thanks to Bree and Donna, a.k.a. Kit Rocha, for the advanced copy of Beyond Solitude, in exchange to my honest review. It’s been a pleasure, as always. 




I read, review, flail and swoon.

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