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Almost Real by Charlotte Stein

“Now it was real.
Now she had to actually sleep beside a man whose presence made her accidentally dance, then blush so hard she could still feel it, five hours later.”


When Margot signs on to pose as one half of a married couple for the cloning company she works for, she doesn’t expect her partner to interest her in the slightest. It’s just a job—albeit one that comes with a fake marriage. To an undeniably sexy fake husband.

Sergei is an immense stone fortress, cold and calm and—worst of all—so compelling Margot can hardly stand it. She’s supposed to be protecting and maintaining the labs, but all she can think about is unearthing the man beneath the controlled façade and wrapping herself around him.

Even if the man she uncovers is far more than she ever bargained for.

My note: Let’s take a moment (or a million) and appreciate this cover…



You know how there are authors that no matter what they write about you know it’s going to be great just for the way they articulate themselves? Charlotte Stein is one of them. I’m always at awe of her way with words.

This somewhat futuristic erotic romance is very unique. It deals with clones and humanity and shyness and it makes you think.

Yet, it also packs a decent amount of humor, which if you’re following Stein on twitter, it’s probably the most fun thing when chatting with her. But Margot, the heroine has her own:

He was practically a ninja, only without the mask and the outfit and the little booties.

and possibly my favorite:

He seemed to be attempting algebra in his head, and when she strained hard she could almost hear what the equation entailed – my second refusal multiplied by an assumption that she isn’t capable equals I’m an asshole.

In the story we are face with Margot and Sergei (with whom I fell completely in love right off the bat and he has yet to even say anything) and they work undercover as a married couple. However, Sergei hasn’t been in personal contact with another person in years, or has not communicated personally with one in as long, and Margot is a very “need to communicate” person, lest she feels like she’s done something wrong. Almost like she’s seeking approval.

Margot is very sensitive to Sergei’s state of being and very much wants to break through his walls, probably mostly because she wants to hump him to the next life. She sees his beauty and not only the tough, impenetrable exterior. And her way to success is the story. Or that’s how I saw it.

Of course, we get a whole story behind both of them, and we get an explanation for the setting and the time and the situation, but I’m not going to touch that. Apart from the humanity aspect of the situation, it just wasn’t the point for me.

If you’re looking for a well written erotica with a unique twist – Almost Real is the book for you.

My rating: 5

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