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I’m Failing at (blogging) Life


Most of you don’t know but I was out of work for almost 8 months. I’ve been hired by a great web company last week, and my marketing position is sucking the life of any free time I used to have.

This resulted in a serious cut in my reading time; commuting for under an hour each way isn’t conductive to devouring books. I’m not deserting blogging by any stretch. I enjoy it. But I’m not going to post daily or even every other day. Unfortunately.
Also, weekly memes won’t happen until I can figure out which one I can manage and commit to.

Just thought I’d share my current predicament. If you guys have any time management ideas, SHARE, by all means. I’m happy for any advice I can get. Lol

Told you I’m failing.

PS – I’m working on the review for Mary Ann Rivers’ next novel, Live. It’s amazing and I can’t wait until everyone can read it. I’m also reading Defy by Sara B. Larson and it’s incredible. Just wish I had 3-4 uninterrupted hours to read through the rest.

And I can’t figure out” for the life of me, how to add my signature from the blog pic gallery via my iPad, so deal with just…




I read, review, flail and swoon.

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