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#SassyGirlSwoonyGodTourney – Challenge #6 for My Date From Hell

I made it to the last challenge!!! *pats self on the back* It was touch and go there for a minute, somewhere around the tattoos, but I (and the rest of the tourney victims) prevailed. Woohoo.

It turns out Tellulah Darling thinks the final challenge is super easy. If you’ve read My Ex From Hell and you better have by now *shoots warning glare* you know Sophie has been struggling to find a cool name for her goddess powers.

[vimeo 77441485]

For that reason, our darling author has decided she’s running a contest to find the name. This contest is open to everyone.

We’ll help spread the word, and you need to submit names. The contest link for name submissions is:

It’s so worth it. Here’s the swag that’s up for grabs:

The contest is open internationally!

How cool is this tourney?!?


And if you STILL haven’t read the first book in the trilogy yet here’s how you get it:

icon_amazon  icon_barnesandnoble  icon_ibooks  kobo




I read, review, flail and swoon.

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