#SassyGirlSwoonyGodTourney – My Date From Hell Challenge #4

This week we are tasked with a casting call for the film. Don’t jump your guns… THERE IS NO FILM. Yet. We’ll work on that later, mmkay?

Who to cast as Kai? Who to cast as Sophie?

[vimeo 76345131 w=700&h=350]

You know how people who read books immediately conjure up a famous person to portray the character in their mind? Well… I never do that. Which sucks for me, because now I really need to think of it.

So I’m going to take this challenge and take it up a notch. I’m involving you guys!

Help me with casting suggestions for Kai and Sophie?

When I decide on actors I will tweet this (x4)

#SassyGirlSwoonyGodTourney http://bit.ly/1evtMB2 Cast Sophie & Kai. REPLACE WITH ACTRESS & ACTOR #MyDateFromHell

Going to pull up Google.com and start my research.

UPDATE: I found me cast for the imaginary film. Woot me. I present to you Sophie Bloom and Kyrillos (Kai) Hellboy (idk what his last name is :P)

Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice as Sophie Bloom
Tyler Blackburn as Kai
Tyler Blackburn as Kai

Nice, ha?


Haven’t read My Ex From Hell yet? Next week we’re posting the review for My Date From Hell, and you don’t want spoilers, right? Get to it, then:

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