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Welcome To The #SassyGirlSwoonyGod Tourney for My Date From Hell

So it turns out I loved My Ex From Hell by Tellulah Darling so much, I was invited to participate in a tourney to promote the 2nd installment in The Blooming Goddess Trilogy, My Date From Hell. Yay!!

Come September 16th (in just a few days) me and the rest of the tourney participants will receive weekly video challenges leading towards the launch of the book on October 31st. At some point well before that date I will also post my review of Date. Goddess, I love Tellulah’s words.

My tourney name is Falcor. I’m not sure why I decided on that name for the tourney, but I do know I loved Falcor in The Neverending Story, and he could fly and was adorable and had floppy ears and big eyes, and I’m making no sense whatsoever, but… who cares?

My review of My Ex From Hell is available here. I highly recommend it (and subsequently My Date From Hell), especially if you like sass, YA, Greek Mythology and Tellulah Darling.

See you next week with the first challenge. Eeeeep *bites nails*






I read, review, flail and swoon.

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