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Lord Rakehell’s Love (The Curse of True Love #1) – Donna Cummings

Do you guys know of Donna Cummings? Besides her unhealthy adoration to caffeine, mostly in coffee form, she’s one heck of a funny lady and a great writer.

I Do… Or Die is her last full length novel and it’s a fantastic, funny, light read.

However, we’re here to talk about her latest release, Lord Rakehell’s Love.

Book blurb

Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is playing matchmaker in Regency London. . . only it seems she’s placed a curse on the lovers instead.

~~He was late to his own wedding~~

Simon is known as Lord Rakehell, so any sane woman would be wary of wedding a man of his reputation. He loves Georgiana, and is determined to prove it to her, but how can he overcome his wedding-day blunder?

~~She was heartbroken by the scandal~~

Georgiana knew the dangers of falling instantly in love with a celebrated rake, but even she had not expected him to show up for their nuptials with ladies-of-the-evening in tow. Now she must determine whether Simon’s protestations of love are genuine, or if she is being led astray by the passion he continues to incite in her.

My thoughts

Few of us don’t like historical romances. This novella is one of those. It’s short, light, fun and funny. I think we never really think in terms of early 19th century lingo. But reading dated sass is such a refreshing experience.

The Greeks have done it again. And by Greeks I mean Aphrodite. She means well, she really does. She is, after all, the goddess of Love and Beauty, no? LOL

Simon is a rake. Together with his friend, Hugh (next novella *weeee*) he’s supposedly a naughty lord who’s the subject of many innocent bachelorettes. He is introduced to Georgiana by a grumpy old dowegar in a ball when he is mistaken for Hugh. They are both instantly smitten and weeks later, when their nuptials are to take place… someone’s scoundrel-ish ways make their mark.

Now it’s Aphrodite’s job to fix things.

Quick and delightful read.  Now I want Hugh. Gimme.

My rating: 4star



About Donna Cummings

Welcome Page PhotoI love to write humorously-ever-after romances that will make you laugh and fan your face.

If you like Regency romances, Lord Midnight, a highwayman driven by revenge, is available now. Lord Rakehell’s Love, the first in The Curse of True Love series, is available now on Amazon and Smashwords, and hopefully in other venues soon. The next book in this series is Lord Wastrel, which you may have seen excerpted at the end of Lord Midnight. It should be available later this fall.

I also have several contemporary romances available. A romantic comedy novella, Summer Lovin, is currently free everywhere. I also have a romantic comedy mystery, I Do. . .or Die, as well as Back on Track, a romantic comedy novella set on the Napa Wine Train.

You can learn more about other books I’m working on in Works in Progress.

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to send an email, tweet me @BookEmDonna, or visit me at Goodreads and Facebook. Oh, and Pinterest! I have boards for each of my books, as well as for the things that make me laugh on a daily basis.



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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