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Vain – Fisher Amelie

VainVain by Fisher Amelie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think I'll round up a 4.5 star here.

I had very low expectations from this read, but I doubt those contributed to my being wowed.

Take the stereotypical rich bitch high-school graduate that's been neglected by her parents her whole life, was raised by a nanny and showered with a hefty 'pocket change' to indulge her every whim. Give her access to narcotics, unsupervised parties and allow her the use of whatever she wants to her advantage, including the use of her friends. She needs to feel good about herself, after all.

Then... fuck her life up! She gets arrested, for the second time. Her father's lawyer, who has basically cared for her her whole life, arranges a probation period for her instead of jail. Only catch is - it's in Africa.
Enter Dingane - he doesn't like her. His whole life is this orphanage. But she's teamed to him, pretty much 24/7.

At some point, yes, this happens:
"Are you okay?" he whispered. Far from it, I wanted to say, gazing into his breathtaking face. "I'm fine, thank you," I said quietly instead, afraid of blemishing the moment."

This book is beautifully written, it deals with some graphic horrors and the sad facts of life we all need to remember, and a sweet salvation, for more than one soul.

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