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Opal (Lux #3) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Opal CoverTook me almost 2 days to figure out how to write this review, and it’s still not that clear in my head so I’m just going to spew it out. And I may spew some spoilers – you are forewarned!!
If Jennifer L. Armentrout was next to me I’d have not other choice but to grovel at her feet in both appreciation, awe and begging for some scoop on Origin.

Usually I’m highlighting parts and incorporating them in my review, but this time I couldn’t be bothered stopping to do that. Shame on me.

Onyx ended with Daemon saving Katy from the Onyx cage at the DOD’s facility after “healing” Will (after he promised to tell them where Dawson is held captive). They go free Dawson and can’t find him… until they get home. He’s there, ghostly pale and thin and damaged.

Opal picks up right where Onyx ended. And Dawson is hell bent on saving Beth. Can’t blame him. He’s not talking to anyone, and Daemon is worried. Oddly enough it’s Katy that gets him to be more communicative and slowly helps “getting him back”.

Hedging out a plan to get Beth back, they’re assisted by Blake (or Biff – that’s better) who wants to get his Luxen friend, Chris, released from the same facility that’s holding Beth. Blake reasserts himself back into the group, but not as a friend. He’s not trusted by them, although he’s playing by the book this time. Are they right to not trust them? Will not trusting him help?

We’re also being introduced to a new hybrid, Luc, a new stone (the Opal) and now there’s another factoring force in their world they need to figure out whether or not is trustworthy.

We also get a taste of Dee and Katy’s new and very strained relationship as well as the changes in Ash and Andrew’s behavior and the dynamics between them and Dee. A lot has changed.

And let’s not forget Will…

This all comes to an explosively phenomenal and heart-wrenching ending that will definitely turn their world upside down. Or so JLA is trying to make us think. Talk about cliff-hangers.

Writing Kitteh

Opal is so very dynamically action packed and refreshing. Daemon is lighter somehow, Katy is more mature, their friends are changing and maturing. Daemon and Katy’s romance is blooming in the sweetest way and a lot of it is fueled by Daemon’s fun side. Yup, he has one – not all broody and PMSing like in the first 2 books. Not that we didn’t madly love him then, too.

So yeah, I’m waiting for Origin (Lux #4) like it’s my next meal and I haven’t had anything to eat in a week. *grabby hands*



I read, review, flail and swoon.

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