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Long time

I’ve been MIA for a year. A YEAR! Sorry about that, btw.

I’ve been through a lot this past year. My contract with IMOT ended in December of 2011 and I’ve been looking for a job since. Well, almost a year prior, but still. In February 2012 I discovered I had to leave the country due to a mixup with the forms submitted to immigration with regards to my legal status here.

I left at the end of February and came back mid April, after the new visa request was filed and granted. Started working about a week after that and it’s been a slow burn ever since.

The down side was that I was homeless until recently; living with my brother and his new wife, with friends and not having my own place has been really hard, but things started falling into place.

In the past couple of months work has started picking up, and 2 weeks ago I actually moved to my new apartment. Back in my neighborhood of Forest-Hills. Sweetest most roomiest studio apartment (I’ll post pics soon).

Right now I’m focusing on getting the rest of my belongings from storage, and wish I could find a reasonably priced company to to the delivery. They’re all so expensive.

In any case, this is it in a nutshell. I’ll try to be more consistent with postings (once a week, or more?) now that I have a more stable environment. 

~ Elle!



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